Vevey, Volare, Montreaux... Switzerland is as expected and so much more!

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The two hour drive Ben promises from the Swiss border to Vevey turns into a five hour scenic ride through Basel, Delemant, Neushatel, Luasanne and then finally Vevey. (We actually are headed to Volare just southeast of Vevey and northwest of Montreaux, but it is not on the travbuddy list of locations.) I crashed out in the back seat through the most scenic part of the mountain passes around Basel & Delemont. When I awake for we are confusingly navigating our way through Neuchatel. Lake Neuchatel provided a nice place to take a break and take in the beautiful view and smell that fresh clean Swiss air.

At 6:30pm we finally meet up with Ben in Vevey. Vevey is a quaint and bustling little city, with a bunch of Swiss teenagers trying to be casually cool and very skaterish and gangster.

Ben does not dissapoint. He is dressed over in his Gucci camel-colored overcoat that he wears over a fashionably wrinkled designer shirt and designer jeans. He walks up with his casual strut smoking Pirisneen cigarettes, Prada sunglasses dawned on top of his stylishly unshaven face. Most people might be put off by this and take it as an air of smugness… But for us… seeing Ben, and European Ben at that, in his element, its like being home or touching back to something familiar. And even through all the jazz and air that is Ben, he can’t help but break out a huge smile at the site of us and lose the cool and calm air for just a little bit. We all embrace, shake hands and of course that are a lot of smiles and comments on the choice meeting spot.

We don’t wait long, dusk is starting to set and we need to get a move on so we head out to Volare. Ben swears by it that it blows most other parts of Switzerland away, and that is a tall order by the looks of what we’ve seen so far. As we make our way southeast along a mountain pass that runs in view of Lake Geneva we start to really believe that Ben is correct in this assumption. It just gets more picturesque and jaw dropping the deeper south we go. We talk it up with Ben as we drive on. He starts to reneg’ (how do you spell that) on a promise he said about us being able to crash with him in his hotel and he wants us to crash in a hostel nearby. I am hearing none of it and I would rather sleep on the floor of his hotel or in the car than pay for a hostel. Not sure why I am being so stubborn on this, but I think it has to do with I want to see how cheap I can make this trip and I aim to do everything I can to do that! Anyways we decide to talk about it later on. We are all in high spirits and Israel is loving the drive as we start switch-backing on the mountain road as we make our way up to Volare.

As we roll into Volare we realize that we all deeply underestimated Switzerland’s picturesque-cuteness. The town is so quaint and perfectly Swiss we are all taken back. For me and Israel this is a big thing since few things take our breath these days or surprise our senses. It is a testament to the perfect atmosphere of this little mountain village. It’s exactly what we wanted to see. It posses one main road that leads through the main part of town. Around it is surrounded buildings dawning the typical Swiss architecture that conjure up images of Hansel and Gretel and other child-like stories.

We check out Ben’s hotel suite and deem it perfect. We get in some much needed hot showers till we head out and start to hit up some of the pubs around town. For the life of me I don’t remember the name of the pubs we hit, but the first one was a perfect pub for drinking and catching up. We kick back round after round of Canlada beers. First two were on Ben and then me and then Tracy. Have we ever laughed so hard as we relived story after story of our travels together or friends back home? It is such a great time. I don’t know why we can’t learn when to stop or call it a night. But I think we were all so jazzed in seeing each other again we decided to prolong the night and put of our exhaustion. We drive down to another pub in Vevey. The bar isn’t as good as the other because its more trendy and we prefer the more social pubs, so after a drink each we return to the first pub.

Ben is quite gone now, we all are almost there… but he wants to go meet his friends in Montreaux. I am game, but Israel will have none of it and neither will Tracy. They are ready to crash. I slept in the car so I would love to go but I’m out of Franks to help out with a Taxi so much to Ben’s chagrin we have to stay put and call it a night. It’s a restless night of sleep ‘cause the floor is so friggin’ hard! But it’s a free place to crash ‘cause we conjol Ben into letting us crash in his apartment. To this day I wish we had been able to go meet Ben’s Ruski friends in Montreaux. But to each their own- one day I think. For now we are loving Switzerland.

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photo by: Vikram