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Our decision is formed on the road as we leave Frankfurt. We are ditching the Bavarian region for now and headed for central Switzerland, actually southern around Lake Geneva, to meet our friend Ben. At 3am on the way there we crashed out in the rental about 1 ½ hours outside of Frankfurt. We are headed now for Frieburg, Germany, just before Basel, Switzerland and from there we will hit up Vevey, Switzerland where we will meet Ben. Its an uncomfortable sleep with the cold and cramp space so we get about 2 maybe 3 hours of sleep. At 8am we are off again on the autobahn headed south.

We stop at a gas station, had a nice little breakfast, basically a roll and cream cheese and coffee for around €4-5. We also had some relaxing leather chairs to kick back in and finalize our newly decided plans.

We get into Freiburg around 11am. Immediately we split up: Tracy and II head into the Old City/City Center while Israel goes to look for a vehicle. He hears it’s cheaper the further south you go and Freiburg sits only 30 or so km’s from the Swiss border.

Freiburg immediately captures both of our hearts and invigorates us with that long awaited small European feel as we stumble onto a bustling daily market. From fresh fruits, vegetables and breads to handmade crafts, purses and bags, floral arrangements, trinkets and all types of wares for sale, the market is crammed with a concoction of sights and smells to capture all senses. What really permeates the air is the smell of fresh bratwurst, plump beef & pork sausages and sauerkrauts grilling on open grills from small food stands that line the back of the market. The open market basks in the giant shadow of a giant Cathedral. Munster Cathedral is a 700 year old beauty that is the perfect backdrop for a perfect scene of typical mid-size city life in Europe that everyone hopes to see. Since Freiburg is not on most travelers top ten places to visit in Germany, its tourist numbers are less than its neighboring rivals even though its charm and elegance exceeds many of the popular towns we saw along our trip through Germany.

The plaza we are in is called Mutzerplatz and we will frequent it many times in our following days in Freiburg. For now it is the catalyst of motivation for what we hope to expect from our little two week road trip through Central Europe. For Tracy the bustling, vibrant Euro atmosphere has her grasping for words and beginning most sentences with “Oh my God!!!” and for me, it’s a constant refrain of, “It’s good to be back.”

The Market also provides us a perfect cheap alternative to meals. We can buy meat pies for one €2 and at the food stands we can buy bratwurst and sausage on a fresh bun for only €2. Tracy scores a crepe full of meats and cheeses for €3. All of them are filling and we are well satisfied as we sit at Starbucks at the designated meet time with Israel. We all walk around town and talk about what we’ve seen. Israel about the cars he saw and prices (things look good) and us the Mutzerplatz and other little stores we’ve seen as we’ve walked around.

By 2pm we are headed for the Swiss border to meet up with Ben.
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photo by: travpro11