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The plane ticket is bought, I got a small waiting period, but soon I am off on my next grand little adventure: I like to call this one, Laying down roots.
So this plan is interesting, but simple. I am moving to Istanbul. Not just as a traveler, but as a man who is looking for a new home and for the first time ever, give a serious attempt to lay down some established groundwork for something like a career (doing what I don’t know-I never do) and an actual home (again I don’t know where just somewhere in Istanbul I know) and lastly and Insh- Allah a family (with who… yeah you guessed it- I have no idea.)
The thing is I am ready to put some roots down. Not so permanent that I don’t want to travel or adventure around anymore- probably just the opposite. But I want a place to return to and a safe haven I call home I can retreat to when I need it. I need something- some type of work or something where I put my skills to use and support myself consistently for a while (I think they call it a career???) and well I guess I’m tired and lonely- I really can’t stand travelling alone. And by alone I mean with someone I can share these travels with, not as a friend but as a lover and soul mate.
So the short end of it is I’m getting old. I never thought it would come, but its here and I’m gonna give it a shot and answer this call. If it doesn’t work out, well there are always the south east Asia islands and of course there is always Mexico, Guatemala and South America to travel around and get lost in. And really it feels like this is my one big and only shot to some type of consistency or normality. So we’ll see what happens.
But first I have to get to Istanbul, so the plan is too meet two friends Tracy (first time traveler) and Israel (long time traveler, now a legit Latvian citizen!) at Frankfurt airport and then traipse around Central Europe by car before I make the solo trek to Istanbul. We have fourteen days of travel and then we will split and all go our separate ways. I’ll spend a day in Dublin on layover before I meet up with the two in Frankfurt. Also my friend Ben (from Costa Rica and London) will be in Switzerland at the time so we’ll see what happens with that. Right now the plan is to hit up southern Germany (otherwise known as the Bavarian region) and then Austria and then Budapest and lastly Prague. Poland might be thrown in for good measure but we’ll see what happens with that!
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