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It was a very relaxing and enjoyable trip. Getting on the plane and to the cruise terminal was relatively easy, despite the turbulence which made my upgrade to first class rather pointless, as the flight attendants were seated for the entire flight. I was rather surprised at how organized and easy flowing the cruise terminal was, and I was on the ship within about an hour of landing in San Diego. Of course, the feeding begins, and I got some lunch before I went to my room. The room was small but enough for one person. I got unpacked and settled in, then off to the late dinner at 8:30. I have grown used to the late dinner on these cruises, which is fun. I was apparently seated at a singles table, the first night there were 4 of us sitting at a table for 10, and we had some good conversation and made friends with each other throughout dinner. It was nice. The show on the first night was basically a welcome aboard show, some dancing, a comedian, and meeting the cruise director.

Friday was a sea day. I basically hung out, relaxed, read a little, and this was also the day that we had the scavenger hunt. I ran into one of my dinner mates at the hunt and we teamed up with another lady to have the required / recommended number of team-mates. The scavenger hunt was 2 parts, half questions about the ship and the crew, and half items we had to find and bring to the hunt. They gave us about 20 minutes and then they gave everybody a score. WE were the winning team for quite some time, but at the end a team came up with 3 more points than us, so we didn't win. We did get points for our red team, though. Friday was formal night, so we had a nice dinner, of course Lobster! It was nice to get dressed up and eat expensive food. lol. The Friday night show was the comedian Tommy Drake. He was very funny. He did the after dinner show on Friday and then the midnight show on Sunday, which was r-rated. That was even funnier, in my opinion.

Saturday was spent in Cabo San Lucas. I signed up for the Land's End and Beach club excursion in the morning, and the parasailing in the afternoon. Since Cabo is a tender dock, we all met in the lounge at 8:30 to get to the dock and off on the excursions by 9. First was the boat going around Land's End.  I really enjoyed that part of the morning excursion. After we got off the boat, we got on a bus that went out to a beach in front of a timeshare hotel. I had to decline the customary many people walking by selling anything from hats and tshirts to ceramic items and mexican blankets. A timeshare salesman stopped by and tried to get me to go on the tour of the hotel behind us but I got hot before he came back again and was able to get off the beach and back into town without buying anything. Lunch was at the Cabo Wabo cantina. I got a burrito which probably was the biggest burrito I have seen in my life, and ate about half of it. Then as I was walking back out to the pier to get on the boat for the parasailing, a guy got me to buy a bracelet. It started at 20, and by the time I was done, I had gotten down to 5. And it turns out, it's real silver. So I did good with that.. lol. Then we got on the boat to go parasailing. Nobody wanted to go first, so I did. It was just as much fun as I remember it being in Hawaii, and I am definitely not opposed to doing that again. One of the ladies on the boat took some pictures of me, but I haven't emailed her yet to get them. The show that night was nice, mostly singing and dancing.

Sunday was another sea day, getting packed, taking a nap to see the midnight show and still be awake at 6:30 to get off the ship. I had some lunch, and watched Ratatouille in my room in the afternoon. The comedian was at midnight, very very funny. I am hoping to see him again sometime soon. I found out that he was booked at the Tempe Improv but had to cancel at the last minute, so hopefully he will be re-scheduling that.

The flight home was uneventful, I got home earlier than I thought, and it was overall a very nice and relaxing trip.

jennismortal says:
We woke up a little after 7 a.m. on Thursday, walked down to the beach and caught a water taxi to the parasailing boat. Elise volunteered me to parasail first seeing as how we were both new to parasailing and she wanted me to be the guinea pig. We both signed waivers, given our instructions and I was strapped in and was soon soaring high above the beaches of Cabo. The air was so calm, quiet and soothing. The only uncomfortable aspect of this parasailing outing for me was the harness. It made my hips and lower back hurt after a few minutes of being in the air.After 15 minutes or so I was winched back down to the boat and then it was Elise’s turn. Midway through her ride the water taxi drove up along side our boat and four more people boarded our boat. This all while Elise is high up in the sky.
After parasailing we walked back to our room and ate leftover breakfast tacos and papaya with lime juice. After eating and resting for an hour or so we walked over to Rose and waited for the MotoSol shuttle to pick us up for our ATV tour of the Baja.
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Posted on: Sep 10, 2009
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