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Adam delighting in our free morning coffee at My Friend

Deciding to head for the mainland we had booked our ferry from Koh Lipe to Trang which meant another nice early start. Not that it mattered really as we had a pretty restless nights sleep as the rain of the last couple of days had prompted the local ants to swarm and we spent the night with dozens of flying ants inside our mosquito net and crawling all over us. Wonderful!! On top of that Adam was woken at 2.20am by our shack shaking and thought it was an earthquake. We learnt later from the US Geoligical Survey website that there had in fact been a 5.1 quake in Indonesia at 2.18am.

We had some breakfast and settled our bill then finished up our packing and headed down to catch the noisy and uncomfortable long tail boat back to Pattaya beach.

My Friend Guesthouse logo
The ferry arrived more or less on time and we were all forced to pay the obligatory 50 Baht a person for the longtail boat out to the moored ferry. One guy fell into the water as he was climbing onto the longtail with his back pack on. All his stuff got soaked but in truth he seemed more concerned about the open can of beer in his hand which despite valiant attempts he'd got a nice dose of salt water in! Couldn't see that one coming, rocking boat + beer + man climbing in with heavy pack on = wet and embarrassed drunk and muted laughter from sober boatmates.

The ferry took two and a half hours and by the time we got to the pier we had that horrible, salty coating feeling you get from the sea spray. Lucky for us we'd booked the journey right through to Trang as it was about an hour minibus ride from the pier to the town and as Thailand had been a pretty snap decision we had arrived here with no guidebook or any information to help us find places to stay.

The well kept gardens of My Friend
Once we'd unloaded our bags we figured the best bet was to head for the train station and if all else failed we'd catch the train straight up to Bangkok that same night. It was about the last thing we wanted given our salty coating. Luckily our instincts proved right and the area around the station had a couple of guesthouses and lots of bars, restaurants and cafes. We dumped our bags down and had a nice cold drink then Adam headed off in search of a room. After looking at one really dodgy place we ended up with a peach of a room at a guesthouse called 'My Friend'. The room was super clean, had cable TV, fridge, aircon and an excellent shower. It was the last free room too so we were unbelievably lucky.

Trang itself wasn't a sight packed place but it had a certain charm to it that we didn't really expect. Our only reason for coming here was as a transit gateway to Bangkok as there are sleeper trains and a budget airline called Nok operates from the local airport! We tried to book the First class aircon sleeper but the woman at the station basically just laughed at us as it gets so fully booked. The carriages look really nice and it is a two person to a room situation so we wouldn't have had to share with anyone and so avoided the problems we'd had in Vietnam.

The bus up to Bangkok from here looked like a nasty trip, 14+ hours overnight, which promptly excluded that from our list of choices which left us with Nok and the plane. We booked our tickets on the internet as it was much cheaper than what the local agents were charging, then headed out for some food. We had a meal at a strange little restaurant served to us by a slightly crazy old lady who wouldn't stop talking to us in Thai even though it was obvious we couldn't understand a word!! She was very sweet though and the food was good so we were happy. The next morning we had quite a bit of time to kill so did a bit of internet research and booked a place in Bangkok and caught up with the blog etc. We bumped into a guy at the hotel who had a Tuk Tuk booked for the airport and offered to split the cost but the driver refused to take us unless the price went up so we decided to give our business to someone else. Trang airport is actually quite modern and apart from some seriously slack security, is well set up which considering there are just two flights in and two out each day seemed a bit odd.

Bangkok here we come.

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Adam delighting in our free mornin…
Adam delighting in our free morni…
My Friend Guesthouse logo
My Friend Guesthouse logo
The well kept gardens of My Friend
The well kept gardens of My Friend
photo by: Vivi-vivi