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Friday 29 Feb, 2008

An airport representative in the line told us our flight was delayed 20 minutes, so we relaxed a bit. After the passport check station was the security line. We all got through quickly and without incident, so we headed to our gate. As soon as we got there we had to board immediately because the flight was NOT delayed! We were finally headed back to the U.S!! How crazy! The whole trip was SOOO AMAZING!!

I had a window seat near the back by the bathrooms. The girl in the middle was Peruvian and the older man in the aisle seat looked like a gringo. I didn't chat with either of them because I was too tired. In fact, I was SO tired I slept a bit on the plane!! (this usually never happens.) Our dinner choices were chicken or beef. I got chicken and it came with a small salad, warm chicken with veggies and a dessert. I ate it all.

When we got to Houston, the transfer process was strange. We had to pick up our checked luggage, then take it to an area that looked like security x-rays, but it was just another belt to take the baggage back to the planes. Gloria and I were walking together and we caught up with Chris. He told us he was sitting next to some gross hippies that smelled like they hadn't showered in a month! :-P He had asked the flight attendant for another seat, but the plane was completely full! They had given us another Customs/Immigration form on the flight from Lima. It asked if we had any food like seeds, produce, meat, etc. I said No even though I had the canchita corn snack, I didn't think it counted. So Gloria and I got through the lines quickly and easily.

Chris had both mango and tuna fruits with him. He had to go off to a side inspection area, and they took the fruit! Too bad! He never got to try the tuna! Gloria and I were separated from Chris again when he got his mangos inspected. She mentioned the gate # for the next flight, and I said that couldn't be right cause I remembered something different on my ticket. I checked and we realized we were on different flights back! We walked up to the counter for my flight and they had already begun boarding. Gloria asked about switching flights, but because her bags were already checked for her flight, she couldn't switch. So we hugged and said good bye and good luck!

I got on the plane and was sitting next to a nice older couple from Vancouver Island. I mentioned that the people I was traveling with were on a different flight back to Seattle. And then Chris showed up! I asked how he did it, and at the area where Gloria and I put our bags on the belt back down to the planes, he had gone to the counter on the side to switch flights and check the bag for the correct new flight. OH! I chatted with the couple next to me a bit. I never got their names but they have traveled to Thailand and some other places in Asia. I told them about the trip to Peru. The man works as a manager for a helicopter company. He mentioned they might be doing business in Lima soon!

The plane crew served us breakfast of Honey Nut Cheerios with milk, a banana and a muffin. After eating I tried to sleep a bit while they showed the movie “Martian Child.” When we got in to Seattle I met up with Chris at the baggage carousel. I saw my bag coming out and a strap got stuck and caused the whole thing to stop! A guy came over and got it unstuck. When he pushed the buttons, the carousel did not restart though! I laughed and said my bag broke it! I used Chris' phone to call Deb and left a message saying where I would be waiting. I waited a good hour or so with no Deb, so I got some quarters (I only had 3) to use a payphone. The first phone, my first quarter got stuck! Darn it! I went to another phone and it worked fine. I called Deb again, still no answer, and I left another message. I waited another hour or so and decided to call again. I had to go to a little shop to ask for change. The girl before me had gotten change for the bus, which they pulled out of the tip jar. For my change, one of the gals had to get change from her pocket. I called Deb again and she answered! :)

She told me she thought my flight came in at night. She had been in a meeting the first time I called. She called Chris' phone back, to tell him she was in a city 2 hours away, and he told her he would figure something out! This was hours ago and I had not seen Chris at all! Deb said it would be a few hours before she was able to get back to the Seattle area. So I used my last 50 cents (what a rip off) to call Chris. He didn't answer so I left a message. I was extremely tired and annoyed at this point. I sorta paced around a bit and then decided to call Chris again, this time with my credit card. He answered and asked if Deb had showed up yet. WHAT?! She told me that YOU told her that you were going to figure something out! he was already back home in Auburn and did not offer to get me himself. He said my options were a taxi, a $45 shuttle, or the bus. I wanted the cheapest option, even though I've never ridden the bus before.

Chris got onto the transit website where you can enter the start and end points of your trip, and it tell you which buses to take. My trip would only require one transfer. he told me the information and I wen to the bus stop. I got on bus Route #194 to downtown. I paid $2.00 (no change) and asked for a transfer, which was just a piece of paper. This bus was VERY crowded and I had to stand. There was another backpacker standing in front of me with large gauged ears and many tattoos just on his hands and wrists. There was a woman sitting in the aisle next to me who got off at one of the first stops. I sat down and was sitting next to a cute old woman who's whole face twitched when she talked! I couldn't understand everything she said, but she was very friendly. She got off one stop before me. There were many stops downtown and I noticed we were underground! Like a subway! But this was just for buses. The stairs and paths led all over and it was a good-length walk to get out of the building!

I briefly stopped at an info counter to ask the gal where I pick up the next bus. This next one was not underground like where I had gotten off. The stop was very close and I got on and was sitting next to some dorky-looking gamer guys. One asked the other for a dollar for his bus the next day. The other said “I just don't think I can do that.” I had one dollar left in my pocket and was considering giving it to the guy. I chose not to when later, one posed the question “what would you do if you had $500?” and he answered that he would buy a Playstation 2! The bus drove through Fremont and we eventually got to 8th Ave and 53rd and I got off and walked half a block to Deb's house! I was SO glad to be back so I could just sleep! By now it was 4:00pm. I called Chris and Deb to let them know I made it. Chris said he'll be in Seattle tomorrow (Saturday) and we can meet up so he can give me a DVD with my photos.  I called mom and we chatted about the trip for about 20 minutes. Then I just completely passed out and didn't wake up again until midnight!! Good times!!!

[some time on Saturday 1 March, 2008] - date of journal entry
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