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Hotel Wiracocha, a 300-year-old colonial house turned into a hostel in Cusco, where we spent our final evening.
Thursday 28 Feb, 2008

We woke up super early to the sound of our wake-up call. I answered it cause Chris was oblivious. :-P The call came at about 5:00am so we were kinda slow getting ready. Augusta was supposed to meet us with a taxi at 5:55am and I didn't get down for breakfast until 5:30 or so. The girl in the dining room was rushing around trying to get us food in time. All I had was some pineapple juice (more like a smoothie) and a roll. The milk they brought with the coffee was scalded so it had some “lumps” of cream in it. Augusta arrived on time while Chris was trying to pay via credit card. The guy at the front desk didn't know how to do it and had to find another guy who did. It finally worked out about 5 minutes later.
very early, very tired, hoping the cook will get some food out before we have to take off!!

Today we were flying on StarPeru. The food they served was bizarre. They had a roll with butter and a slice of weird, geometric mystery meat! Both Gloria and I took off the meat and ate some of the roll. The other food was a small cake with pink frosting in the middle. It wasn't very good. The flight was short and when we landed we got onto buses. Gloria and I got onto the less-full bus, and about 3 minutes later, after it appeared everyone was off... out comes Chris! We laughed, though there was a woman with an infant who was last. The bus only went maybe ¼ mile and dropped us off by the doors of the airport.

Claudia and Sixto were waiting for us and it was nice to see some friendly, familiar faces again. I had on my red Underarmour shirt and was dying in the 28 degrees Celcius heat! I was really hungry by now but preferred a grocery store over a restaurant.
I took a few photos of our hostel in the wee-morning hours before our flight back to Lima.
We stopped at a pretty orange church with lots of gold decorations inside. Then a little farther away we stopped again at a small Plaza. We then headed to Claudia's family's house nearby. There we met her mother Nancy. We changed our clothes (tank top time!), Claudia showed us some photos of her when she was younger as well as some drawings.

Nancy served us Inca Kola which we were told is made by infusing a Peruvian fruit. The drink tastes kinda like bubble gum... very very sweet. After a little while we finally headed out. We stopped at a Wong grocery store. There I got an empanada mixta, a dessert that was similar to flan, some packages of canchita to share with friends at home, some water, some packets of chicha mix, a mango (which I didn't need cause Chris bought 5!) and some matches (smallest box has 200!) I was glad to pay with a credit card and we were finally headed to the beach! The empanada tasted GREAT cause I was so hungry.
Chris chatting with a girl from Israel at the airport in Cusco. It was VERY early in the morning and we were flying to Lima.
We made one quick stop to get gas and Gloria and I both used the ATM to get some cash for the airport departure tax.

We finally got to the beach house at Punta Roca. The house is huge with 3 bathrooms, about 8 beds, and even a small pool! It's located in a private neighborhood. We finally got to the beach after noon some time. The sand was warm, the sun was hot (SPF 30 sunscreen all over!) and the waves were MASSIVE!! The waves were very strong and it was impossible to go very far into the water or else you'd be washed away! The water was very turbulent and foamy and filled our suits with lots of sand! It was funny and even difficult to just stay standing with the incredible force of the waves! At one point when Claudia was taking a photo of me, a huge wave came up behind me and literally swept me up towards the shore! That was sure a fun (and kinda scary) ride!! I did a bit of tanning too (gotta return home with some color!) and even after only 30 minutes, Claudia said I was going to be bright red like her swimsuit.

After relaxing on the beach for a bit, we returned to the house to clean up briefly. I got into the pool in an attempt to get some of the sand out of my suit. We then piled into the car again and went farther south along the coast to another beach. We passed a moto-cross course and a golf course in the dirt along the way. I never got the name of this new beach, but it was a bit crowded and there were condos all around. We only stayed a few minutes and on the ride back were told about the large sand dunes also used for moto-cross. This time at the house we all took showers. I'm not sure if it wasn't working or what, but I couldn't get any hot water. Also, like the bathroom in Aguas Calientes, there was no curtain. Luckily it was warm enough that a cold shower wasn't a killer. :-P I didn't feel like all the sand came off, but it was better than before! As expected, the bathroom was soaked. Bye for now!

[10:12am Houston time (writing on plane)]

Once I was all cleaned up and ready I went back to the living room area. There, Chris was all set for a portrait session with Claudia, Gloria and I. Chris and Claudia left to find a good place to shoot. While Gloria was still in the shower, I went outside to enjoy the view. Eventually, Gloria showed up looking for the other two. I pointed her in the direction they had walked. Then I began wandering and taking photos. I was sort of looking for the others, but eventually got distracted with talking and taking photos. I noticed a volleyball game going on just a short way down the beach. When I got close I got my camera ready to take a photo, and suddenly all the guys threw up their arms and shouted! “Hey!” or whatever. It was rather funny, but I wanted a pic of them playing, so I just waved back. I noticed there was a guy coming towards me too. He stopped and chatted with me for a while. I learned his name is Mitchell.

This area of the beach is called Punta Negra and he told me most of the guys here have addiction problems and they are here to work together and with a psychologist girl towards recovery. Mitchell had a problem with cocaine but said he's been clean for a year! :) I took a few photos of him and while we were chatting, two local girls walked by and I said hello. A few minutes later they came back and asked if they could record us talking in English. I said yes, but that I also wanted to take some photos of them. One of the girls had on a cute yellow hat; her name is Carolina and she's 14. The other girl who had the recorder (I think it was a video camera) is Milagros and she's 13 years old. They recorded Mitchell and I chatting. He spoke very good English also; he has lived in the States in the past. After a while the girls carried on and Mitchell invited me over to the volleyball game. I chose to continue walking. Mitchell had told me about a castle about 1 km down the road. I had noticed it earlier when we were driving to the other beach.

I decided to go in one block from the beach and walk in the direction of the castle. I really didn't think I would make it cause I was wearing flip-flops and the sun was setting fast! At one point I heard a dog whining like it was being severely hurt. I saw a dog that looked like a pitbull, with a smaller dog in its mouth! A man who appeared to be the pit's owner was trying to get it off the smaller dog. It finally let go and the man was shouting at and smacking the pit. At this point I took the next right turn to head back to the beach. I started walking back to where I had come from because the sun was setting. I took a lot of sunset photos! Some with joggers, some with families, and some with the sea-birds! At one point a guy in a GAP shirt came up to chat with me. He had a name I could barely pronounce and I forgot it immediately. I got one quick photo before he put on his glasses.

I kept walking back towards Claudia's beach, stopping a lot to take more photos of the rapidly changing sky. By the time I reached their beach I had to pee really bad. I went straight to their house and pushed what I thought was the doorbell a few times. Nothing happened, so I knocked. Again nothing, so I sorta wandered back toward the beach in the hopes of finding them. I ran into Chris, Claudia and Gloria right away. They were walking off the beach as though they had just finished their photo shoot. Claudia said “You disappeared!” And I said I had looked for them and eventually wandered off on my own. I missed the photo shoot but oh well. A moment later Sixto rolled up in the car. I guess he had been looking for me! Ooops! We all got back to the house and began our “final” pack before the airport.

We then headed back towards Lima. We stopped at a cute Italian restaurant called La Piccolina. I ordered some meat ravioli with mushroom sauce. Gloria and Chris both got little pizzas. The food was very good and I ate it all. I tried a small slice of Gloria's, which was a yummy 4-cheese. After dinner we headed back to the De La Rosa house. We only stayed a few minutes to pick up the few items left behind. Then off to the airport! Holy cow there were TONS of people there at this late hour!! We got our bags checked rapidly, then headed to the airport tax line. The lines were long, but they moved rather quickly. We paid the $30.25 tax and headed to the next set of lines. The first was like the police or something? All they wanted was the bottom half of the Immigration paper we had gotten when we first arrived in the country. I couldn't find mine at first and was a bit scrambled! But then I found it in my back pocket. We then moved along to the next line where they check passports. At this point it was midnight and our plane leaves at 12:40am!!

**transition to next day** (it was all blended together in my diary since we never really went to sleep!)
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Hotel Wiracocha, a 300-year-old co…
Hotel Wiracocha, a 300-year-old c…
very early, very tired, hoping the…
very early, very tired, hoping th…
I took a few photos of our hostel …
I took a few photos of our hostel…
Chris chatting with a girl from Is…
Chris chatting with a girl from I…
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