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NOTE: just wanted to let y'all know this is the journaling entries I wrote while I was on my trip. I tried to journal about each day either ON that day, or the following day. This is why some of the "Journal Log Times" are the next day. I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts and actions! I am trying to add photos, but I took so MANY it's taking me a while!! Please check back often. :-D

Wednesday 20 Feb, 2008

On plane to Houston from Seattle! We were a bit rushed at the airport... Deb and I picked up Chris at a friend's house near the airport and his directions set us a bit astray. I wasn't worried but Chris was! He sure has a lot more baggage than me! When we arrived at the gate, the plane was already boarding. No problems whatsoever so far! Breakfast on this flight was a bowl of Honey Nut Chex with 2% milk, an apple cinnamon muffin and a miniature banana! I ate it all and got a cup of O.J. They just finished showing the movie “Dan in Real Life”... I didn't listen to the audio but watched a bit on the little flip-down screens. I have a window seat (as usual!) but so far most of the view has been CLOUDS!.. white below and blue sunny sky above! I'm wearing the bracelet mom made/gave to me! It's very cute! I am anxious to arrive in Peru!
Me gusta el mundo!! :)

SeaTime: 12:23pm at time of landing. Local time: 10:35am

Back on a plane! This time headed towards Lima, Peru! Though, we're still sitting at the terminal as passengers continue to load. We had a brief layover in Houston. We all got some food. I went to Panda Express and had chow mein (lots of cabbage), orange chicken and sweet & sour pork. I also got a soy chai at Starbucks! YUM! Very excited for this flight to land and be engulfed by another culture!! :)
P.S. It wasn't raining when we landed, but now it's pouring! :-P

SeaTime: 2:08pm. Local time: 4:08pm

We have been delayed due to “maintenance” problems. SeaTime is now 2:50pm and we are finally about to leave the terminal! They said they ran a diagnostic thing and one area didn't pass, so they had to trouble-shoot. YAY we just started moving finally! Peru - here we come!!

SeaTime: 2:53pm. Local time: 4:53pm. (one hour late)

Currently flying over Mexico!.. well, I think! Based on the “flight map” from their airline magazine. It's dark outside but it's finally less cloudy so I can see some city lights below! The sunset was beautifully blue/purple/pink. They just finished showing the movie “The Jane Austen Book Club.” For dinner we had a choice of chicken or beef lasagna. I chose the pollo! It included rice, veggies (carrots and green beans) and some red sauce. There was a tiny salad on the side with Caesar dressing. Also a small roll and butter and a chocolate streusel/cinnamon thing for dessert. I ate it all and now am rather stuffed. I'm glad this plane is roomier than the last!.. it helps there's no one in the middle seat. The last guy in the middle was quite tall! Now they're showing “Dan in Real Life” again! :-P Last flight Chris and Gloria were 5 rows behind me. This time they are 2 rows forward!.. in the emergency exit aisle! Good times!
Can't wait to be in Peru! (this flight is half-way there!) :-P

SeaTime: 5:54pm.

“Instead of saying to young people 'what do you plan to do with yourself?' perhaps we should say 'plan to be surprised!'” -from “Dan in Real Life”

SeaTime: 7:23pm

We just got served their version of a “snack!” A roll with turkey and lettuce and optional mayonaise. A lil pack of carrots, and a small caramel & nut chocolate candy. This time I got tea to drink.
One hour left?!

SeaTime: 8:25pm

Oh yeah I forgot to mention the papers they gave us! Everyone got sheets to fill out (I assume they're for Customs) before we land. One is the “Baggage Sworn Declaration Form - Arrival.” The other is the “Andean Immigration Card.” Not sure what they're for exactly... plus there were a few questions I was unsure how to answer! Always hoping for the best!!

SeaTime: 8:34pm

NEW ADDITION: at the airport Chris and I exchanged some of our American Dollars for Peruvian Nuevos Soles. On this day, the exchange rate was $1.00 = S/. 2.84. I exchanged $60.00 and got S/. 170.40! The money may not be “worth” as much, but the prices here are much lower anyway!! :-D  

Note: I did not take any photos on this day! 
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