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Colin and Larin outside the Las Vegas Wedding Chapel.
We decided to take it easy the day after the bachelor party.  We were up all night and needed to get a little rest.  Ian, Darrel, Colin, and myself decided to hang around the pool at The Golden Nugget.  The pool is kinda small in comparison to the pools on The Strip, but it was a great experience.  The temperature outside was probably 50, so I was a tad hesitant to get in the water, but they kept it heated so after that initial rush of cold, I was good to go.

There is this great shark tank that is in the middle of the pool and holds many different types of sharks and other aquatic life.  I swam up to one of them behind my protective glass. "Oh I bet I look tasty Mr. Shark" I was taunting my finned friend with. 

There is a slide that runs from the top of the tank, through the tank, and out into the pool.
Husband Colin and Wife Larin
  We were taking turns flying through it and screaming down the slide.  For a brief moment, I was 6 again! 

After we got cold enough to get out of the pool, we hung out in the hot tub, and then made our way up to the hotel rooms.  Ian Mcgee showed up, and he looked as though he was pretty tired.  Apparently, he had been on tour with his band and just got back to Covington when he boarded a flight to come to Vegas.  A little road weary, but after 1/2 hour of resting, he was good to go too. 

We all retired to our hotels and got ready for the wedding.  About a year ago, our company threw a party with a "prom" theme, so I purchased a white tuxedo.  Every man should have at least one tuxedo in his collection for times when you need to go to a black tie event.
We toast the happy couple. I'm bottom right, sitting with the white jacket.
  I figured, there was no better time to wear a tux than while in Downtown Vegas at my buddy's wedding.  However, when I finished puttting it on, I was missing the most integral piece, the bow tie!  I ran around the room looking for it, tossing my suitcase trying to find my final piece.  No such luck, it simply wasn't there.  I had to find one as the wedding was in an hour. 

I ran down to the shops on Freemont looking for a clothing store.  Hah, those don't exist.  If you're looking for an oxygen bar, not a problem.  What, you need some cheap T-shirts that say "Las Vegas, show me the money", yeah, they have those in abundacne as well.  If you're looking for some cigars, liquor, beer, anything else that your mother wouldn't approve of, yes, those are on the street.
MMMMMM..... So freakin' tasty!
  But if you want a tie, you're shit out of luck.  It's impossible.  If we were on the strip, I'd imagine a quick stop at Caesars' Forum would find me a bowtie, but that's a 20 minute limo ride from my location, and I wasn't going to chance missing my buddies wedding.  My last ditch effort was this store in the nugget that sold suits.  Surely, they would have a bowtie.  Nope.  Lots of Tommy Bahama shirts, but no formal wear.  I would have to attend the wedding sans tie.

We all met up at the Golden Nugget to leave for the wedding and had one last shot of Kentucky Bourbon while in the bar at the hotel.  With so many guys we had, it was easy to quickly empty the bottle of Knob Creek.  We asked if we could keep the bottle, and the bartender was helpful and gave it to us, with a pen so we could all sign Colin's wedding bottle.  After signing the bottle, we made our way to the limo that would take us to the wedding. 

Jerry (Colin's Dad) and I were walking towards the exit of the hotel when I saw it.  A worker for the casino was carrying a tray of plates out of the restaurant and towards the kitchen, and he was wearing a bow tie. 
"Excuse me sir, can I talk to you for just one second?"  I asked the gentleman. 
"Certainly, how may I help you" was his reply.
"I'll give you $20 for your bowtie, but I need it right now." 
"$20, for my bowtie?  You got it!" he replied as he put his dishes down and took off his pre-tied bowtie.  I probably should have just asked if I could have it, as there are probably hundreds of them in the locker room, but I didn't have time to haggle.  I needed results.  And $20 seemed fair to me, and my outfit was complete. 

We all loaded into our limo waiting outside for us for the 2 block trip to the wedding chapel.  Really, we took a limo for two blocks.  I think we spent more time loading ourselves into the damned thing than it would have taken if we would have simply walked.  But, it's all about the experience. 

The limo dropped us off right infront of the chapel and we made our way towards the waiting room.  I sat with the family as the chapel was filling up with our friends.  When it was getting near marriage time, I made my way towards the chapel.  Once inside, I noticed that the only place to sit was the very first row, next to the mother of the bride.  Now, there were only 2 people in the wedding, and I wasn't one of them.  So to sit there was a tad awkward as it's usually reserved for blood relatives, and I simply am not.  But I had no choice, it was the only seat I could sit in.  I didn't know it, but there was a camera planted in the flowers to tape the wedding and it caught me taking the empty bottle out of my jacket and place it on the ground.  It doesn't look good as it looks as though I'm sneaking bourbon into a wedding, but for the record, it was a community bottle, and a souvenier of the wedding!

The groom stood at the altar and waited for his bride.  We all rose and Larin walked down the aisle towards Colin.  It really was beautiful.  I always thought that Vegas weddings were kinda kitschy, but was I ever wrong.  I've seen many weddings back home that didn't compare to the elegance and form of this wedding here in vegas.  Elvis was not the minister, there was no neon in the room, the flowers were beautiful, and to see 35 people travel across the country to see a wedding just blew my mind.

After they took their place, the minister (a kindly gentleman in his 50's I'd guess) took stage and spoke directly to Colin and Larin about the married life and how to enjoy it.  He was a great speaker and a very nice man.  One of the very first things he reminded us was to turn off our cell phones.  I had mine on vibrate (or so I thought) so I didn't heed his warning.

Now the wedding was being broadcast over the internet so that the friends who couldn't make it to Vegas would be able to watch it on the internet.  Little did I know that 2000 miles away in a house in Covington, Chuck Wisdom (real name) was watching it on the internet.  As with most things that Chuck does, I don't know what was going through his head when he decided to send me a text message asking me to "stand up", as if I would really do that during my buddy's wedding, but Chuck sent that message.  I'm guessing that the time delay was probably less than 10 seconds when my phone loudly chirped to alert me of a message.  In the video you can see me squirm for my phone.  I was totally embarassed.  I guess even though Chuck couldn't make the trip, his presence was still felt.  Good for you Chuck.

Since the wedding party was having the reception back in Kentucky, the Groom's parents decided that they would treat everyone to a meal in Vegas.  They had arranged for the dinner at Vic and Anthony's restaurant in the Golden Nugget.  The dinner was scheduled for 9PM, and the wedding got out at 7:30, so we had an hour and a half to kill.  Guess where we went?  Of course, The Golden Gate casino.  As we all poured into the casino Colin asked the management if he could have his own craps table for the wedding party.  They obliged and opened up a table that wasn't being used, and made it a private table for only our friends.  I'm not a craps player, I don't understand the game too well so I hate to bet on it, so I went to my normal roulette table and played.  It was right next to the craps table, and I had others from the wedding join me, so it was a blast.

After we won and lost some money we made our way to the restaurant.  It's a gorgeous restaurant with the decor of a 1950's steak house.  Dark lighting, large leather seats, hundred of pictures on the wall of celebrities and old vegas photos.  We had our choice of Filet, Sea Bass, or NY Strip.  Now, normally I will always go for the seafood, as it's my passion.  But I was feeling glutonous this weekend and decided on the Strip.  They presented us with an appetizer of very succulent crab cakes that  were awesome and then brought out the meal.  The steak was huge! In hindsight, I was envious of those that got the filet or the fish, as it was simply too much to eat.  But I fought through it and ate the whole thing.  The asparagus that they brought with the meal was huge, must have had some type of growth hormone in it.  But, I continued on.  I guess the whole idea of excess while in Sin City sits well with me.  I exceeded my belly's limit.  I was done.

After the dinner we made our way back to the home base casino, where my friend Carrie and I stayed at the roulette table until the wee hours of the morning.  I remember the walk back to the hotel as being amazing.  It was 4AM, I'm on a crazy trip with tons of friends, and the streets of downtown were all but deserted.  For a city that doesn't sleep, it sure does take alot of naps because the street was dead!

Tomorrow:  "I'm sorry sir, but we are just overbooked.  Would you like to go to New York?"
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Colin and Larin outside the Las Ve…
Colin and Larin outside the Las V…
Husband Colin and Wife Larin
Husband Colin and Wife Larin
We toast the happy couple.  Im bo…
We toast the happy couple. I'm b…
MMMMMM..... So freakin tasty!
MMMMMM..... So freakin' tasty!
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