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After two interrupted starts (see South America I and II) I finally set off on my trip around the world. Well, around the world, I wasn't planning anything, but I had a ticket to Australia the wrong way around, which gave me stop-overs in South America, Easter Island, Tahiti and New Zealand, which I intended to utilize to the fullest.

After arriving in Australia, I wouldn't know. I'd simply see what'd happen and when I'd come back, if ever. Altogether it took me almost a year to arrive in Australia, while the original plan was to travel to Australia via South America in 5 weeks. That shows how good I am in planning.  The day I arrived in Australia was the day my round-the-world ticket expired, so I basically had a visa for a year, no ticket home and no plans - just how I like it!

Some statistics of this trip:

* With the backtracking I did between Chile and Australia/New Zealand (don't ask) I travelled some 135,000 kilometres - that is thrice the world over.

* I crossed the international date line 5 times in an 8 month period.

* I spent 694 hours in a car, walked for 663 hours and sat in buses for 557 hours. I spent 267.5 hours on various types of boats and my flight hours totalled to 236 hours (excluding 81.5 hrs waiting at airports). I sat on trains for 80 hours, 26 hours in taxis, 18 hours on a bike, 16 hours in the subway, 15 hours in a kayak, 13 hours in a tram, 5 hours on a motorcycle, 4 hours on skis, 3.5 hours in a raft and 2 hours on horseback.

* During this trip I also worked for a few days here and there. Some of the jobs I had: computer analyst, HR rep, actor, model, collector, journalist, mover and sea container stacker.

* For this trip I wrote 925 pages worth of diary, of which I hope to translate 'the greatest hits' into English for inclusion in this blog someday. I'll also post some of my 6000+ photos, but as this was pre-digital days, I will need to scan them. I am in the process of digitalising all my old pictures, and I will be working my way backwards, so you had best start at the end of this blog to view the pics (or alternatively use the 'view all photos' option) 

For clarity reasons, the map in this blog outlines the general route I took, without any of the backtracking.

Biedjee says:
are you applying for a job?
Posted on: Feb 06, 2009
pms70 says:
I think you need a secretary to do all the translating and scanning of photo's... :-P
Posted on: Feb 06, 2009
Biedjee says:
it's nearly 1000 pages in Word... don't think I'll ever get to translate it, but at least I should upload the photos (need to scan them anyway)
Posted on: Jan 02, 2009
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