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Allie and I hacn't seen each other for years.  Literally, years. I'd been in the US, she'd been busy, etc.  We met at the airport, and started catching up.  Then BA announced a three hour delay.  Normally, that would have sucked.  But today - three extra hours to catch up!

What made it better, was that BA officially granted us all a £7 credit at the cafe.  But they didn't tell the cafe, and it was three in the afternoon and they had run out of everything.  To stop all the business men shouting and getting angry, the cafe staff gave up counting what we spent, and didn't care what we spent it on.  Three mini bottles of wine, two packets of crisps, and several cakes later, Allie and I had had a brilliant time.  Best delay ever! It also ties up neatly with my dad's flying advice, which is that you should never be on a plane drunk, but unless you have to drive at the other end, you should never be entirely sober either. 

This meant that we got to Madrid very late.  In any other country, this would mean that we went to bed hungry, but in Madrid, there were plenty of places open, and we ate in one called VIPS.  The guide books are very rude about it.  Ignore them.  It's full of locals, the food was good, and fast, and tasted good, and it's open till silly o'clock.  It was great.

travelman727 says:
Sarah, isn't it amazing when what seems like a frustrating event turns wonderful? Little things like this make traveling so much fun :-D
Posted on: Mar 01, 2008
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