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Just before the truck arrived.

I didn’t sleep at all the night before. It’s 8am the day of the big move. The rain is starting, it’s windy, cold and I am looking over my to do list. All 3 pages! Everything has been scheduled, the transportation company has been called to be here today at 1pm (1300), the boatyard at the marina has been contacted and a spot in their Long Term Storage has been arranged.

Time pressure is my best friend. As long as I have a fresh Mt Dew, my Ipod charged and a plan of attack. “Plan your work and work your plan!!!” Seeing that I can not finish all of my to do list I chose to only concentrate on my highest priorities. Simply named Open Holes and Below the Water Line.

Now the time is 11:30. I’m wet, cold and hungry when I get the call that the truck is only an hour away.

Getting started.
As he pulls into the field I am finishing up and locking the main hatch. We do the meet and greet and I am doing my undercover sniff to see if he is drunk or has been drinking. So far so good!

1pm(1300) “OK lets do this”. The truck with a custom built hydraulic trailer is lined up in front of Misty and slowly starts backing up. POW…pop… thunk!!! Ah hell!!! One of the hydraulic cylinders has cracked a fitting and one of the arms that will be used to hold up the boat on the trip is starting to go limp. After surveying the problem and making a list of part needed, I take the driver around town and find repair parts.

The time is now 3:45 (1545) the cylinder is fixed and appears to be working. By now the rain is coming down in buckets. While we get the boat on the trailer. Doing some figures the drivers says that the boat is too heavy and too fat.

Looking at peoples faces while at stop lights was the best.
We will have to take the back roads the entire 247 miles to Charleston. It’s raining, starting to get dark, watching for cops and worrying about the repairs failing and the boat falling and hitting the ground. No worries right?!?

I follow the truck for almost 5 hours until we get to Charleston. It’s too late to unload so we agree to meet early the next morning.

By 8am the rain had stopped and the truck arrived. At the boatyard the manager jumps on the chance to get the boat off of the trailer. 30 minutes later Misty was on the ground safe and sound. Oddly I was happy to hand over a check to the driver and one to the boatyard. This is where she will stay until I am finished with my employment contracts.

She has about five days of work left to be done on her before she can be put in the water.


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Just before the truck arrived.
Just before the truck arrived.
Getting started.
Getting started.
Looking at peoples faces while at …
Looking at peoples faces while at…
317 km (197 miles) traveled
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photo by: skipper_gary