I have finally got my pictures uploaded!

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I have spent the last 4 or 5 hours in an internet cafe in downtown Cairo uploading my pics from Bali and Cairo.  Finally!

I think I have finally figured out Egyptian driving:

Use your horn for everything:

  • Excuse me, I am passing you
  • Excuse me, I am passing you on the right
  • Excuse me, I am cutting you off
  • Excuse me, I am turning left across 4 lanes of traffic
  • Excuse me, I am about to run you down

Also, no matter how many lanes are painted on the road, you can always make 1 or 2 (or 3) more.  Traffic signals (if they exist) are completely ignored, as are crosswalks.  You can apparently turn in any direction, from any lane and stop wherever you like!  Driving or riding in a car is quite the adventure here!

This will be my last computer access until I hit Rome.  I get into Rome tomorrow night at 11:00 pm, then the next day I will be off exploring!

pbug31 says:
lol. That is so funny I now just read what you wrote and I said the same thing previously.LOL
Posted on: Sep 25, 2007
travbuddyRH says:
Wow Kenny, great pics. Thanks for finding an I-net cafe and "camping" there for awhile to get em all uploaded. R&L
Posted on: Mar 15, 2007
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photo by: vulindlela