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I have eaten Balut once, it wasn't bad, but I figured it like dog..a one time thing, and that's it.  I am not knocking balut by any means, I know people eat it all the time, and like I said, I thought it tasted pretty good.  So, when my friend suggested it again, there was a tad bit hestitation before I obliged..

She said that its different here.  I wasn't sure what that meant, I mean, balut is balut, I didn't figure many ways to prepare the dish.  Boiled...that's all that came to mind.  "Deep-fried", she said.  Nice.  There was a very intelligent man in a movie I can't recall, who claimed that you can deep fry anything and it will taste good.  I repeat, smart man.  I am a relatively healthy eater, the majority of the time I stick to fruits, veggies, things of that nature.  But, the man did have a point.

The restaurant was one of the ones you see in Vietnam (maybe all of Asia, I don't know) that have a seemingly endless selection of various clams, snails, and other shell fish.  They come in all shapes, colors, and sizes..but at one very low price.  The dishes are cooked with a sauce or steamed and served with one on the side and many plates can be sampled and shared.  The ambiance is something to be desired, usually only 2 or 3 tables, no menu, and seeminly in the foyer of someone's house.  But, the freshness and taste of the food more than make up for where you are eating it.  You hardly notice at all.

mrvis says:
Can't imagine that Balut tastes good...:-(
but will probably taste it as well.
Posted on: Jul 10, 2008
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