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Only my second full day in Ho Chi Minh and I already wanted a breather.  However, baring a holiday, I have never left again.  I love Minh City, I think that I was just eager to spy a bit of the countryside. 

I negotiated a horrible fare, in retrospect, at the time, however, I thougth I was the master of the barter.  I'll leave that number untyped.  I hopped on the back of a motorbike and headed to Cu Chi to check out the tunnels used by the Viet Cong.  I loathe the tour bus, so I did it all alone, but I may as well have just done the tour.  I arrived and bought my own ticket, which made me feel like an outsider on a school field trip.

Some weaponry
  All other parties were having their tickets purchased by their guide.  Prior to entering the grounds, a presentation is had by maybe a tour guide, maybe a worker there, the verdict is still out.  Anyway, said presentation was given in English (which was good, because I spoke about three words in Vietnamese at the time), and was actually informative.  Plus, there was a pretty gnarley diorama of the tunnels in the room.

So, eager to explore on my own and maybe just hide out in a tunnel for a while, I set off, but as I went through the ticketing turnstile (???) I bumped into the back of a group.  I was immediatly invited to join the group, and not wanting to insult the man, I agreed.  Admittedly regretting it, but only to myself.  The tour was OK, the man was informative and slightly humorous.

Actually taken from inside the tunnel
  Several members of the group neck down into a trap door, and then were shown up by a staff member.  Boy, that guy did it correctly.  Some of the setups reminded me of a museum display, but the boobie traps (is that really how it is spelled) were pretty neat. 

Maybe mid-tour, the offer was put on the table to shoot some kind of gun.  Now I never have shot a gun, never want to, so I passed.  But, I had the chance to go momentarily deaf, while others shot, so I guess everyone came out winners.  The highlight of the tour was placed like the climax of a well written novel, toward the end, but not at the very end.  <----This is meerly my opinion.  A 150 meter underground tunnel path that all members of the tour had the option to walk.  Now, let me clarify.

  Westerners would not fit in Viet Cong tunnels, so the tunnels were made expanded for the larger human.  Nonetheless, it was worth it.  The tour was capped off with what I think was some yucca and what I know was some tea.  Tasty. 

I said my peace and thanks to the tour guide and went to the nearby hut to find my motorbike driver.  No, I had been gone for say 90 minutes, 2 hours, something like that.  My driver was drinking beers pretty well, I joined him for 2.  I cannot comment on whether that's how he spent the entire 2 hours, I can only hope it not true.  I did arrive safe and sound, so I guess that's all that matters.

lavender_land81 says:
Seth..could u recommend me where i can book the tour to Cu Chi Tunnel?

many thanks!
Posted on: Nov 02, 2011
sethwd2 says:
It's worth it...but you'll probably save money if you go on a tour there. It's short enough where it doesn't really matter.
Posted on: Jul 16, 2011
ferroo says:
So far i am of the opinion to tour on our own with some initial working rather than a guided tour, so what do you say? and is it a must go place in Vietnam?
Posted on: Jul 13, 2011
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Some weaponry
Some weaponry
Actually taken from inside the tun…
Actually taken from inside the tu…
The lovely forest
The lovely forest
Cu Chi
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