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This is my second attempt at starting this blog, as the first one ended in disaster when I accidentally deleted the entire entry just before saving it. Hopefully the same won’t happen this time.

 It’s now Friday morning here in Perth, so I’ve been here for almost 5 days. The flight was about as fun as a 30 hour journey could be, though I did learn a few important lessons of life on the trip over;


  1. On baggage reclaim, on no condition should you get between an Asian women and her bags. It doesn’t matter to them how long you have been standing in your precious spot next to the conveyor belt; they will take you down.
  2. A double cheeseburger does not constitute a good breakfast. On arrival at Hong Kong airport it was about 6AM local time, and having eaten very little on the plane (I’m not a big fan of the food), I went in search of someplace to eat. All I could find open at that time in the morning was a Burger King. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but I regretted it for the next 16 hours.
  3. Prepare to be amazed at the amount of alcohol that some people will drink during the flight. Stuart, the chap next to me on the flight over to Hong Kong, lived like there was no tomorrow. He seemed hellbent on taking full advantage of the free drinks on offer. I was trying to compensate for the inevitable dehydration suffered on a long flight by drinking copious amounts of water, and asked for another glass whenever a stewardess passed. Stuart would do the same, only he would unfailingly ask for a can of beer/glass of wine etc. It seemed as though he was trying to show me up as some kind of jessy, but quite frankly, I had the last laugh when I was able to walk unassisted through customs.


Perth has absolutely flown by. Adam has been staying here for 6 months already, so he knows the city pretty well. He’s been showing me round all the most interesting bits, so I think I’ve seen a good spread of what Perth is about. We’ve been to Fremantle, looked around the town centre, bodyboarded at the beach (without much success) and been out to Mundaring, which is part of the Darling Range. The photos I’ve posted up on here show parts of these places. I always take my camera out with the intention of using it, but I never seem to use it very much. Sorry about that!

 Perth is a beautiful city in lots of ways. The views are amazing, especially across the river and on the beach. The town is very modern and tidy; they clearly take good care of it. I haven’t spoken to many Australians at length yet, though I may do tonight when we go out into town.


Anyway, the next leg of our trip starts on Sunday, when we get on a train to Adelaide. The journey takes about 2 days, but we aren’t planning to spend much time in Adelaide as everyone we have spoken to tells us there’s not much to do. We’ll see for ourselves once we get there.

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photo by: cimtech