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Thames is only 1.5 hours south of Auckland, yet the temperature difference is quite remarkable, or maybe it was just a bloody cold night.  This was the first time I felt the cold sleeping in my car, but luckily for me I had those nice blankets I found in someone’s rubbish back in Auckland.  Well, the next morning I opened one up to fold it and discovered perhaps the reason why they had been discarded, a suspicious stain of dubious vomit-like colour, humm… I don’t know why people automatically feel the need to bring such stain to their nose for further investigations/confirmation, but I didn’t want to make my self sick, so I left it there.


Anyway, I woke up at 8ish with an aching back, having slept on the contents of my wash bag, which normally sleeps next to me.  Walked half hour in search of the nearest toilet, busting for a piss, and when I got back Betsy wouldn’t start.  That’s familiar I thought, but I have changed the starter motor!  This time it was the battery, completely flat having left the head lights on all night.  Great!  I walked another half an hour searching for a public phone and trying to memorise where I was, so I could give the AA directions, when by chance I passed a car mechanic, who kindly lent me a battery booster.


Got Betsy going and decided I needed cheering up, so I wasted some petrol (I had to in any case to recharge the battery) and drove 30km to Paeroa for a nice fry-up!  Paeroa is famous for a pop drink, L&P, Lemon and Paeroa of course.  I can’t remember trying it but they make a real big fuss about it and every shop has its walls papered with L&P posters.


I spent the rest of the morning back in Thames, at the library, trying to copy a few more files from Roger, I couldn’t help my self thinking about it, so much for a change in character!  I watched in frustration the blue progress-bar of the DVD burner software move slowly and slowly, then freeze, so annoying!  I had to consult a pc shop and they were happy to quote me $400 to replace the hard drive and retrieve as much data as they could.  $400!!  That pays for over 2 weeks in a comfy hostel, with hot showers and gas cookers, luxury mate!! They also suggested to ring Toshiba because the laptop was only 9 month old and could be repaired under manufacturer warrantee.


I rang them up and sure enough they said to bring it in… there I was, looking forward to a beautiful drive around the Coramandel peninsula, instead I set my Satnav to take me back through Auckland’s dreadful traffic.


Surprise, surprise, I got there just as the shop was closing, so I popped down the library and tried once again to copy some of my files, with little luck. 


I got back to the car, had something to eat and sat in the passenger seat watching the sky darken, feeling bored and depressed.  In times like these I wish my trip was over and I was back home having a drink with the lads.  I’ve been on the go for almost 10 month and never been in the same place for more than a few weeks.  It’s hard work, moving around without a fixed home and just a car to come back to.  I constantly worry about money too, check my account regularly and cut costs anywhere I can, ok besides food; I never compromise on good food.  The human body is a very sophisticated machine and as an engineer I know that if you don’t supply good fuel and take care of your machines, they break down, and so the body needs good food to function at his best… now where’s that half eaten kebab I left last night on top of those cans of beer!  What an hypocrite :-)  Don’t do as I do, do as I say.


Anyway, I put my curtains up, finished my last beer and moved the wash bag on the front seat, that way there would be no chance of waking up with the deodorant bottle wedged between my butt cheeks.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.  Good night.

alicegourmet says:
That's true! You need to eat well...good food not only fulfil your physical needs, but also boost your mood too! Who doesn't like good food, right?!
Posted on: Jan 05, 2009
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