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I went to see the PC boys first thing in the morning, at Toshiba Repair Centre.  I explained the situation and much to my disappointment I was told it would probably take two to three weeks to even test Roger.  I don’t know, maybe it was the way I looked like I had just slept in my car fully clothed and my t-shirt was inside out (how does that happen in the night?) or the fact that my breath was polluting the fresh air with a scent of dead rat and I wouldn’t stop telling Mohammed in reception that I was desperate to have Roger back as soon as possible, but it worked; he took pity on me and put the job through as urgent priority.  Good on ya mate!!  Now bugger off - he said - and go change your shirt and brush your teeth :-)


I killed the rest of the day browsing through yet more Auckland rubbish outside people’s homes, looking for car-value-adding items.  I pulled out the front panel of a large draw and an old towel rail/heater with a view to make a small table with foldable legs, in other words more crap for my car.


The boys rang me up just before 5ish and said that the hard drive needed replacing, as I expected, and they had one in stock so it could be done the following day.  Oh man, what a great service!  It took less than a day and a half from drop off to collection of Roger with a spanking new hard drive.  Would this ever happen in Italy?  I don’t think so, not unless you own the Repair Centre!  When I picked him up I gave Mohammed and the boys a box of chocolate, I think they thought it was a bit odd but it’s what my mum taught me, always to show your appreciation when someone goes out of his way to help you.


For the night, I fancied a bit of luxury and booked into a hostel, Camel Nomads.  It was cheap and it’s a case of getting what you pay for. It wasn’t that great but at least I met an interesting character, the biggest Welsh lad I’ve ever seen.  This guys is truly huge!  I walked into my dorm at six pm and he was still in bed hangover from the night before, these Welsh boys can drink a fair bit.  At first, it looked like two people were sleeping in his bed but only one pair of legs were hanging out from one end, by half a metre!!  I’ve never met anyone so massive!  He got up later and joined us in the kitchen; he stood 2.1 metre tall dwarfing a 2L bottle of cider in his giant hand for dinner.  God, how do you do it?  I sat back and enjoyed his stories from the heavy night before, then went to bed wondering how my good old boys back in Wales were doing…?

alicegourmet says:
Lucky you, Rob! It's great that Mr. Mohammed is a nice person and also, the luck of having a hard-drive in stock!
The story of the huge Whelsh dude really crackes me up! LOL!
Posted on: Jan 05, 2009
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photo by: Fulla