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Had a nasty surprise this morning, something was up with Roger, something strange… He just didn’t seem to be himself at all.  So I powered him down (he’s my laptop) and booted up again.  Still no joy; Some of the files were corrupted and in normal mode he would hang up.  I tried safe mode and I could see most files, but I couldn’t do much with them because in safe mode most programs and drivers are not loaded. This was terrible news!  I never backed anything up since I’ve had him… I know , I know, what a plonker… and to think of all those times I could have comfortably backed everything up, arghhh!  All my photos!  And all my music!!  Sodding nuisance!  In my anger I realised what had happened, basically I stored Roger in the motorbike pannier which has four large magnets to secure it to the tank, and the magnets must have damaged the hard drive.  Oh that really pissed me off!!


I carried on my route and drove back to Auckland where I checked in at the YHA, the only hostel I could think of with parking, well… 9 spaces for 168 guests!  An hour and a quarter later Betsy was happily parked up next to a few other travel-wagons.  I spent the rest of the morning and most of the afternoon in the library, trying to recover as much as I could from Roger’s data.  Sadly it wasn’t working out, I don’t know why but the DVD writer wasn’t copying everything and kept freezing, oh man, I started to feel quite depressed so I packed everything and went back to the hostel for dinner. 


To feel better, I kept reminding my self that I didn’t really need a laptop to travel, and I gave up on the idea of being able to use Roger for the rest of my trip, but he has been so helpful.  I saved so much money by using other people’s wifi to check my emails, upload photos and keep my blog current (ok with a month time-lag) and all the phone calls made on Skype… that’s been a massive saving!  It was a luxury item, and I got used to it, so it’ll be hard not to have him around… I must try to get him fixed up.

alicegourmet says:
Poor Roger! Poor you! Hope he will get well soon! *cross my fingers*
Posted on: Jan 05, 2009
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photo by: Fulla