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Why does this keep happening to me?  I must look like a right criminal, or maybe the immigration officer fancied me and wanted to get to know me better… I wished.  Just like winning an unwanted prize, I was stopped and endured the routine investigation process.  Mind you, she was quite attractive and this time I didn’t mind sparing a few minutes to answer her questions.  I wondered how old she was and if she had a boyfriend, maybe I would bump into her again in a club, bet she looks great all tarted up, shaking her booty on the dance floor :-)  As I carried on daydreaming I suddenly noticed that she was going through everything in my bag… oh no!  Please don’t pull out the pants and socks I have neatly tucked into my shoe, whoops!  ‘Yes officer, those are mine’ following a cheesy grin.  That was slightly embarrassing!  For some reason I always put a spare pair of pants and socks in my second pair of shoes, just in case my luggage is lost.


Anyway, I didn’t have to try them on to prove they were mine, and once I cleared immigration I was let loose on New Zealand soil, like a wild animal, free to roam, explore and have a great time!


I booked into the YHA International as a safe bet, but I wasn’t overly impressed.  They didn’t have any cheap beds, though I had booked one in advance, and my room didn’t have any lockable cupboards, just pay lockers downstairs.  It was 8ish and the dorm was empty.  I could tell there were no girls in the room because it lacked of that 'female touch'; in other words it looked like a crime scene and it stunk of feet and b.o, and not just mine!  I had a shower and crashed on the bed, tired from the flight, then I thought ‘hang on, it’s Saturday night for goodness sakes, let’s go out for a quiet drink’.  So I put on my best shirt, well the only shirt I have, and hit the neon-lit streets of Auckland.  Oh man, they sure know how to party over here.  Even a well seasoned rocker like me felt uncomfortable, having been trained by some of the best welsh drinkers in the country, tidy!  I found a buzzing Irish pub overlooking the Viaduct Basin, Danny Doolans, the atmosphere was great, the band was playing and the narrow dance floor was packed.  I had a few New Zealand Steinlargers and I can’t remember a thing after that!        

alicegourmet says:
Then I have to stay away from NZ Steinlargers! ;)
Posted on: Dec 02, 2008
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photo by: Fulla