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4 Chrome intersection in Ginza.

There is only one thing you can do in Tokyo’s fanciest district of Ginza, shop till you drop!  Apparently there are 10000 shops crammed into eight main blocks and on the main street, Chuo Dori, you can find all the luxury brands in fashion design like Dior, Gucci and Chanel… so what am I doing here with my 3-for-1 Matalan T-shirt and Lee Jeans?  I’m checking out the ladies of course!  :-)  Japanese girls are beautiful, they always look great and they take very good care of themselves, I’ve hardly seen a fat bird since I’ve been here, maybe it’s because they walk and cycle everywhere, and I they don’t pig-up on kebabs or cheese and chips! 


So far, I have seen lots of Sony products in Akihabara and Odaiba, but the best place to see the latest gadgets is the Sony Building in Ginza.

English Pub in Shibuya
  I won’t waste too much time talking about the latest mp4s, phones or TV sets but one gizmo is worth mentioning.  It’s called the ‘Rolly’ and I guess it’ll reach the UK market sometime in the next couple of years.  It looks a bit like an egg and it is simply an mp3 player with built in speakers.  The clever part is that it also dances for you to the sound of the music it plays, totally useless but great to watch!  Check out the video, I hope it works.


Ok, after another good dose of totty-spotting on the streets of Ginza, I jumped on the subway to reach Shibuya.  Yet again, another blooming shopping district, however the customers here are much younger, trendier and less sophisticated.  I supposed you could compare Ginza with Oxford street and Shibuya with Camden Town in London.

Bass player with amp, practising in Yoyogi Park
  I couldn’t bare more shopping, even though I didn’t buy a thing, so I stopped in a diner for a nice bowl of ramen and walked straight to Yoyogi Park.  I read in my guide that on certain days of the week you can find the rockabilly, a group of Japanese guys who like to dress up in Elvis gear and dance to his old tunes playing on a ghetto blaster, apparently this is really cool in Japan, Rock ‘n Roll!!  Unfortunately it was the wrong day and I didn't get to see them, just as well since I left my dancing shoes back at home, but I did see a good selection of musicians and artists performing (you can see the rockabilly on youtube).  In a curious way, the musicians were sitting far apart and seemed to be playing solo, but were in fact following each other’s tune.  I found a spot somewhere in the middle and enjoyed the improvised concert, I took a video too but as I moved the camera to each artist they would stop playing so it didn’t come out well.  Whilst I listened a strange fellow pulled up his bike and started a conversation, I’m not sure if he just wanted to practise his English or he was looking for company… Do I look gay?!  So I packed my camera and made a swift move to the subway.

aiohdmg says:
Buwaaa...Gay are interested in u!!!!
Posted on: Nov 05, 2008
alicegourmet says:
Have to say, most of the Japanese girls are very slim, so as the Chinese girls! And the Japanese girls eat like a bird! That's explain why!!! LOL! Unfortunately I'm not a skinny pretty Chinese! :(
Posted on: Jul 31, 2008
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4 Chrome intersection in Ginza.
4 Chrome intersection in Ginza.
English Pub in Shibuya
English Pub in Shibuya
Bass player with amp, practising i…
Bass player with amp, practising …
My Sony next to the latest Sony mp…
My Sony next to the latest Sony m…
The Rolly
The Rolly
An all singing and dancing mp3 pl…
A short video of a fully automate…
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