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Larry the Giant Lobster at Kingston, north of Robe

I’ve been feeling rather miserable lately because things haven’t been going to plan.  Carola and I have been stuck on Pete’s fish farm with not more to do than hanging around and waiting for Pete to give us a job, some days we could wait hours just bumming around.  To aggravate the situation Carola kept moaning about everything, and if I pointed out this fact to her, she would moan about that too!  Needless to say I was becoming increasingly tired of her company as I came to realise that we didn’t have much more in common past the fact that we both like our tea with no sugar!  We run out of conversations a few weeks ago!  So, I made the suggestion that we chose different hosts next and left Pete’s farm even if we had no response.  She agreed and we were off Saturday morning.  


We reached the small historical coastal village of Robe at eleven and had a good look around for the cheapest hostel.

  The decision was simple because there is only one backpackers, fortunately it’s a YHA and we both have membership.  Much to our surprise the reception was shut from 11am to 4pm so we had to kill a fair few hours together, which cheered me up no end :-)  Carola was quite pissed off, but more from the fact that she wanted to use the kitchen to cook lunch.  The news that I had a gas cooker in the car cracked a smile on her face and we decided to have a picnic.  I was very amused when I found out that she had bought 500g of frozen pea for lunch and planned to mix them up with half a raw onion and some vinaigrette dressing… couldn’t she just make sandwiches like I did?  Oh no, the bread in Australia is terrible of course!  Ask any German and they will give you the same answer!  We had our picnic on a bench overlooking the harbour, the setting was good, the sun was shining but the wind was very strong and for a change we had a real good laugh, as I tried to make my sandwiches with bits flying all over the place and Carola cooked her peas on a portable gas cooker which kept blowing off.


My first words when we booked into the hostel were ‘two beds in separate dorms please’!  The manager smiled and made a funny remark, as expected, then we had a little chat.  I tried my luck and asked if they needed any help with cleaning duties in exchange for free accommodation and he said yes, great!  I had a loooooong hot shower, and a lovely cup of tea, then I sat on my bed in an empty room to write this entry.  Earlier in the day I found an internet signal in town so I could check my email and found out that the next farm had accepted me for a week, just me.  Everything was back on track and I felt much happier.  I don’t resent picking Carola up and sharing the last few weeks with her, it’s hard work even for best friends to travel together 24 7, let alone strangers.  I think it could have been a lot worse and to be fair, we did have some good laughs so we’ll definitely stay in touch and maybe the distance will make our friendship stronger, or not…            

alicegourmet says:
It's true! Even when you travel with your good friend(s), it might come across with some disagreement in certain things. Glad that you are not going to travel with her anymore! LOL!
BTW, I don't put any sugar or milk in my tea!!
Posted on: Oct 11, 2008
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Larry the Giant Lobster at Kingsto…
Larry the Giant Lobster at Kingst…
photo by: cvanzoen