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Back in Brisie, the builders have finished renovations at my auntie’s house.  I arrived just in time to help out with some painting and decorating, great!  Of course it was lovely to see my auntie and uncle again, cheers Jan and Andrew for putting me up (and putting up with me!) one more week.


As soon as I had the chance, I popped in the only two shops in the whole of Queensland which claimed to fix cameras damaged by sand, and surprise, surprise, they quoted me more than the camera is worth new!  How does that work out?  I didn’t really want to pay for a new one, but I definitely didn’t want to pay that much to have my old one repaired, so I did what any engineer would… I took it apart my self, bad mistake!  Now it’s well and truly screwed.  Don’t you just hate that, no matter how confident you are with mechanical equipment, whenever you open a small device like this one there’s always one little kamikaze spring that pops out and dives between the pillows of your sofas, never to be seen again!


Next morning I went round all the big camera stores to find the best bargain.  I’ve had two of these Casio and I really like them, but both of them didn’t last long.  What would someone with lots of common sense do?  Buy another one!  Exactly the same model, so I’ve got a spare battery and I don’t have to buy a different memory card.


It was Tuesday afternoon when I got the camera and decided to drop in Palace Backpackers on my way back, to check the message board, since it brought me much luck finding my car.  I was looking for adverts of backpackers asking for a ride along my way, nothing there.  Just before I was leaving, this girl pins up a new message, it was very artistic and colourful so I checked it out.  Perfect, a couple going to Byron Bay as soon as possible.  I read it in silence then glanced at them just to check out what they looked like, you know, sometimes you can tell a freak just by the way he looks.  They looked normal, so I sat down and offered a lift.  Bizarrely, I recognised the guy’s story and all of a sudden I remembered taking down his email from a message board up in Hervey Bay.  What a coincidence, I couldn’t offer him a lift back then because I was leaving a week before he finished work in Fraser, and I meet him again in Brisbane.  Maybe we were meant to meet up, who knows… who cares!  I’ve got company, Lars and Else meet Bella!  

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photo by: Mezmerized