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05:30: no clear sky, very grey, but it stopped raining for 30 minutes, it actually stopped, unbelievable! We walk in the garden, spot some parrots, a couple of tanagers, a species of oriole, at least that’s what Timo thinks, and plenty of hummingbirds here, because there are many of them here: there even are three nests, two in the garden and 1 in the thatched roof of the restaurant. We take a look on the beach, there are many high waves and on the road there are many vultures looking for something good to eat. After breakfast we check out and want to head for Turrialba. NOT! The guy at the reception says a bridge in Puerto Viejo has been destroyed. Damn! First option: we call Adobe rent-a-car and ask to bring a new car to Limon. They call us back 20 minutes later: no car available. Second option: we take a cab to Limon and wait there for two days until a car is available. We don’t do that, we want to have some adventure and we take the backroad. Between Puerto Viejo and Manzanillo is a small mountain road that should bring us to the road Sixaola-Bribri. Two ticos join a Dutch couple and us. Timo drives himself. It starts very steep, the car is looses track and we let a truck pass by coming down. What a fool, because it’s very steep and slippery. The cables for electricity came down completely, yesterday we also noticed we lost power and water for a couple of hours. We move on with two Jeeps Daihatsu Bego, two Costa Ricans as guides and a Dutch couple: Rene and his wife. With his bare hands he holds to cables up and we drive under them. Without any rain we ride through the rainforest over bridges that are not broken and over rivers. On one spot we don’t see the bridge anymore, the two Costa Ricans get out, feel with their feet where the bridge is and the first one drive over it and Timo just has to follow ‘the same way he did’. That was creepy. On a second crossing Timo hands over the wheel fro the car, but the rest he does that himself. Well done. The road is small and only has gravel and mud; hopefully the Bego keeps up until the normal road. He does and we arrive safely on the main road as expected. We stop to have the Dutch couple fill up their tank and we quickly drive the 5 kilometer to the destroyed bridge. Close to the road a house is completely taken by the mud floods and everybody is busy to save what still can be saved. Their car is sticking partially out of the mud, not a pleasant sight. Later we hear that a hurricane passed by here and that there was an earthquake of 6.4 on the Richter Scale. At the bridge in Puerto Viejo you can only cross on foot? We say goodbye, give our guides each 5 USD. Rene returns with the guide to the hotel by taxi, because they forgot the mobile of the rental company. We leave and fill up our tank in Cahuita. There it starts to rain again, but we’re especially glad that we could leave that wet place. One good thing: on the backroad we saw a caracara. So we drive to Limon in heavy rains and it pours and pours. We try to keep it safe and don’t drive faster than 60 kilometers per hour and we reach Siquirres where we choose the direction of Turrialba. From this point we have rain and fog for the last 47 kilometers. It really is not cool, but there’s nothing one can do, so we race until we see the indication of Casa Turire (22 kilometers). We drive on and we need to take a sandy (now muddy) road to the estates of the hotel. It is a huge house of a former coffee baron, really huge, but very beautiful in a garden, great. We receive habitacion 4; we unpack and try to dry the wet clothes we have, because they start to smell a bit. The hot shower is very good, shaving does well too and the dry clothes are the best. We walk around the hotel on the gallery and drink, mojito, whiskey cola, mojito and mojito. We surf the Internet to check on the weather and to be sure we look for the phone numbers of the next hotels. On the net on www.imn.ca.cr they predict bad weather tomorrow and then it will start to be better. Also for dinner we enjoy everything: cocktail of avocado and hearts of palm, ensalata mixta, fetuccini with veal and chicken with broccoli and mashed potatoes and a bottle of red wine from Chile. We love it and the party costs us only 38000 colones; which is OK. Thousand colones if about two Dollar and we bought the Dollar with an exchange rate of 1.5, still a good one. It’s getting late and we go to sleep. At least we intend to. We watch a film on Hallmark Channel. This time we stay up until after midnight, unbelievable, it’s 00:30.

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photo by: jeffy