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After a good night rest we get up at 06:30 and go for breakfast. We have a lot of time, because the guy of Adobe brings the car only at 09:00. After breakfast we quickly check the best way out of town to Puerto Viejo. We take some time to use the free Internet at the hotel and send an e-mail home to work, mom, dad, brother and friends and check on the net what weather will be like. In Tortuguero it was wet, well in the south of the Caribbean coast it will be the same: huevo en el Caribe sur. We check out and the guy from Adobe arrives early at 08:40. In about half an hour we arrange the insurances and other paperwork and at 09:15 we can leave. We put all our stuff in the Daihatsu Bego and depart immediately.

The first turn is still OK, the second one too, but we already miss the third exit. We then take the next one and drive directly into the busy centre of San José. We don’t know where we are for a few moments, but we drive into the direction we think we need to follow: Limon. Then suddenly between small houses, supermercados, pubs we see an indication to Moravia. Yes, that’s the one we need. We arrive on the highway to Limon, 154 kilometers. Prefect. We only drove in the wrong direction for a few moment; we did not know where we were. After 20 kilometers on the highway we need to pay tax: 250 colones, 50 USD cents. That is really for free. The ride goes smoothly and we take partially the same way as yesterday. Via the National Park Braulio Carillo to Guapiles and then to Siquirres.
The day after tomorrow we’ll need tot take the road to Turrialba here. Maybe we have time that day to quickly take a picture of the banana-centre of Chiquita, that we passed yesterday and did not have the opportunity to visit. We drive to Limon and 14 kilometers before the traffic is hopelessly stuck? We loose half an hour because a truck needed to be towed away and a bit further there is a traffic jam because the trucks need to be weighed. Before we reach Limon we take the road to Cahuita and Puerto Viejo. Rain has started, but the road is good and the ride goes fast. It is more fun to ride next to the sea, we cross from time to time a river that floats to the sea. At about 13:00 we pass by Cahuita and half an hour later we arrive in Puerto Viejo, a beautiful black sandy beach, even blacker than in Tortuguero.
From here it is a bad road. Actually it was already that way when we left the road to Bribri (border of Panama). At 13:30 we check in at the Cariblue Hotel, get bungalow 6, take our luggage, eat and drink something, hamburguesa, penne tomate and Imperial. At the reception we ask if we can dive tomorrow, but it’s impossible at the school in Punta Uva and the guy at the reception can’t reach the other two. A bit later we know why: Reefrunner divers has a sign ‘Temporary closed’ and the other one Crocodive is not going out because of the bad weather. The weather really sucks. The soft rain stopped and now it’s pouring and the waves are 1.5 to 3 meters high, really impossible to go diving. We return to the hotel (with water and beer), write already our stories and look for a plan B for tomorrow: something with nature, birds, frogs, water or Indians; we’ll see. It still is raining like hell, often it pours, sometimes hard, on other occasions normal pouring. We play cards, check on some of the bird species we already saw and don’t want to turn to bed too early, but it’s already dark, it rains and we’re tired, so we still do it and today we sleep at 20:30. We forget to light a candle, already the third time: this must be the last time now. We try to get some sleep despite of the infernal noise of the rain on our bungalow.

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