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Awake at 05:30, we stay a bit longer in bed, because we slept very badly due to the heavy rain. It has rained the whole night; a lot of water has come down. We check at the reception what we can do, but there is nothing: it still is raining. At 07:15 we have breakfast and we enjoy it: we can’t do anything else anyway, so a good breakfast. The couple that was in the van in San José is ready to leave here. They run for the bad weather. We had all the things with us to take the car, because Timo wants to see the border of Panama. We drive the sandy and bumpy road to Puerto Viejo, drive on to the main road between Sixaola and Cahuita and there drive to Bribri. The road is not that good, holes and boulders and it pours all the time. To make it all worse, we can’t find the border river anywhere, se we need to turn back. According to the travel guide the road to the border of Panama is bad and the bus needs 2.5 hours to take it. We try it and everything goes fast: on about ten locations the road is very bad stretching ten meters, but the main part is OK. Next to the road there are many banana-plantations, the same as the road to Tortuguero. In about one hour we arrive to the bridge over the Sixaola River, take a look and don’t go to far, because we can’t enter Panama without a visa. It doesn’t appear to be true in the end. We don’t enter the village, because like many houses along the road it is flooded and it has a special atmosphere. We turn back, stop a bit at a banana plantation and washing station, take some pictures how they wash the bananas and pack them and then drive to Playa Cocles via Puerto Viejo. We are happy we made it safely, because the road to Playa Cocles is completely flooded and even the entry road to the Cariblue Hotel is. The rest of the day we only watch the rain, the storms. The rains hasn’t stopped for a single minute since yesterday morning, luckily we bought two umbrellas and beer and chips. For twenty minutes it rains less and we walk on the premises of the hotel. We see a lot of hummingbirds, scarlet rumped tanagers, males and females. Then the storm starts again even until we go to the bar to have a drink; at that moment it rains, but softly. Eef studies a bit of Greek and Timo writes the diary. Summary: border Panama, play cards, OXO and drink a few beers. And oh yeah if it isn’t raining too hard, we spot birds that fly along. At 18:00 we need to eat something. Timo has seabass with rice and Eef has chicken with apple and curry stuffed with ham and cheese. After we’ve eaten it starts to rain very hard again and in the dark we walk back to habitacion 6. We sit here on our terrace just like we did the whole day and burn already the candles inside: six already and we then go to bed at 20:30. During the night it doesn’t rain that hard all the time, but it only stops at 5 in the morning, just before the sun rises, but you’ll read all about that on

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