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Timo is awake again first, at 05:30. He is observing whatever comes by in the garden: a family of six peccary’s, two toucans, some macaws flying by, one nose bear, one curassow, a few hummingbirds and a couple of tanagers. Eef is also awake at 06:30 and we watch together the birds and the garden. At 07:30 we have breakfast and the owner notifies us that the snorkeling trip will not be held, because it’s raining a couple of kilometers further. Here there are clouds, but no rain for the time being. In front of the coast we can try and snorkel too. Thirty meters left from the path to the sea, that’s where we need to be. So we are on the move. A local has just caught a needlefish of more than one meter. Timo tries to see what there is on the water. Nothing, nada. The water is only one meter deep and he sees some rocks a few small fish, strange feather-like blue things, rather special, but not special enough to make sure Eef also comes into the water. We sit down on the bench with view on the Golfo Dulce. Then we go to our terrace and watch what there is to see in the garden: tanagers, pigeons once in a while macaws and we hear parrots, but we don’t see any. Eef plays the cards and Timo goes to the platform another time. On his way there he sees a squirrel and a Baird’s trogon. Cool. The path is much more slippery and muddy than yesterday. On top of the platform it is cool: there is a small breeze and that brings cooler air. The sun tries to shine through the clouds, but it does not work, because by lunchtime it is raining again. Rice with tuna: nice. We rest in the hammock, because at 15:00 we can do a guided hike, not really. We could not do any excursion here, because of the bad weather. That is not the first time this vacation: no Rio Esquinas and no snorkeling trip. The location of the lodge is great, marvelous, splendid, but it’s a bit too wet for us, because we already have two weeks of rain. We clearly see in a high tree two large scarlet macaws. A German couple has them good on film when flying. We give e-mail so they can send it to us. Behind their cabin they have spotted agoutis, a kind of hare, funny creatures. Three great curassows are also all the time present, large animals, they look like pheasants. Then we prepare our bag packs, one smelly and one with clean a little bit wet clothes. All is OK and then suddenly we see a small deer close to our cabin; a red brocket deer. We quickly finish our travel diary of the day and drink something at the bar. Two cuba libre and gin tonic and it tastes good. Before dinner we first receive eggplant with tomato and then needlefish, the one the local caught this morning. We talk with the German couple about Greece. They are also in love with the Greek islands. As dessert we have yoghurt with warm baked bananas, Eef is not keen on it, so Timo eats them both: very nice. The Germans and the French go out to look for a red eyed tree frog, but we go to bed. We burn the candles and then sleep. The cabin smells moist, but we don’t mind tonight. At 21:30 we sleep and tonight we sleep like babies.

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photo by: Biedjee