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We’ve slept well without waking up once until 06:00. We think it has been raining all night, because everything is flooded and it still is raining. We enjoy a long breakfast, because there will be little action otherwise today. After breakfast at 09:00 Timo drives to the dive shop^, but it is not open yet. We’ll need to come back later. Timo has driven through two large pools from the flooding river and when he came back there was only 1 square meter in the middle of the road not flooded. We check back five minutes later and then the road is completely flooded. The small bridge des not look safe, that might not hold. All animals have lost it. A large ringed kingfisher flies from tree to a lamppost and back, then looks for better places. The swallows circle low over the ground and we watch the swirling water mass that is carrying whole trees. Luckily then the tide changes to ebb and the water sinks about half a meter. We can easily pass now to check the dive shop to get back our 100 USD. Michael is not there, so we need to come back this afternoon. We drive to the beach and walk under the protection of an umbrella. Still now whole trees are taken downstream by the river. Egrets and pelicans have found shelter under the trees and the swallows fly in large numbers over the piece of land that the sea has uncovered. The weather limits our options, so we drive back to the hotel, here we’ll be dry. It’s starting to get a bit dull. We drink at the hotel bar two mojito served by a Dutch girl who is working here. After a while we want to do some things and we walk to the beach without umbrella, because it just stopped raining. We go to the other side of the beach where a lot of rivers come to the sea. The water is very cold. We walk for an hour and start to be hungry. We sit down at Arena Y Sol after we’ve looked for another option half an hour. First we drove to Uvita, nothing, then the village of Dominical. There are two restaurants with TV and English football, so it was Arena Y Sol again. We drink four Imperial, take one ensalata mixta and two ceviche grande. This is fish pickled and served with peppers and onion, very good, but also very grande. Later we learn that the fish was not really pickled, but raw fish. We pay and everything all together costs 12.000 Colones, about 24 Dollar. We drive back to the hotel, because this is lunch and dinner at the same time. We sit on our terrace, all wet clothes hanging over the hammock drying. The fan is turning at the highest speed and we hope to get everything dry by tomorrow. Tomorrow it appears it hasn’t happened. We quickly go to bed and sleep by 20:30.

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photo by: capitals33