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We are woken up by some animals on our roof at 05:30; we sit a while on our balcony and watch the birds. At 07:30 we have breakfast, say goodbye to Esther, the Swiss owner and the German couple. All morning it has rained, but for our transfer it stops, hopefully a future sign of better weather. From Golfito we spot frigatebirds and pelicans that are diving for fish. The road from Golfito to Dominical is good and on the day we arrived here we did the trip in two hours. Today we do it too and we keep to the speed limits. We have a speed control one time and we are OK. Normally it’s 80, 60, 40 and 25 ‘con escolares presentes’. We leave the big grey clouds behind us and from time to time we see a blue sky in the distance. When we arrive in Dominical the sun shines. Yes. We drink two Imperial. Our room is ready at 12:00. We just requested to go diving, but that won’t work unless we pay for four people, 480 USD. We don’t do that yet. A shower is refreshing, the sun shines and it’s dry out here. We unpack and then drive the one kilometer to the village. There we buy flip-flops for Timo and eat two hamburguesa. There is a dive shop here: CostaRicaDiveandSurf and they might have enough people to go out to Caño Island tomorrow. We’ll see. At 17:00 we’ll need to come back or call. We walk to the beach to the mouth of the river and then go back to the car. On the way back to the hotel we see a large kingfisher, great egret and white ibis. It is great here. We drink a couple of beers from the supermarket on our balcony and rest. It is now a bit later than four and we see the egrets return to their sleeping places over the river. We walk about one kilometer one way and of course one kilometer back. Another five minutes on the hotel ground and then it starts to rain again. At least we already saw sun today and therefore our day was good. At about 17:00 we try to call to the dive, but the mobile of Adobe indicates ‘sin servicio’. So we take the car back in the dark and the rain over the muddy road next to the river, under the bridge to the dive shop. Michael, the instructor, asks for a deposit and Eef gives him 100 USD. He’ll take us tomorrow for two local dives, so no Caño Island. Maybe that will work from Quepos, but tomorrow we’ll be diving, yes. Total coolness. We drive to the hotel, because it’s too wet to stay here. The village by broad daylight was quite nice: one big road, sand, rocks and mud, one or two smaller roads that connect the main road to the beach road. It really has a central-American atmosphere and is really nice. There is a fruit shop, a restaurant and also a mini-supermercado. It reminds us of Tamarindo. Also with a lot of attention for the tourist but not too much. In the weekend the beach if full of Costa Ricans with their picnic and a cool box filled with beer, the car on the beach, very loud and there’s always fiesta. At about seven we want to eat something at the restaurant of the hotel. They only server buffet today, but it tastes good. The kitchen is international, so no gallo pinto today. We have pasta with veal and Eef has meat with warm vegetables and fries, everything is good, together with an Imperial. After dinner it starts to pour again for a change and now we can walk through the puddles and streams of water, because we both have flip-flops. We only need to dry our legs and that’s it. Light our candles, already 13, and two of them don’t make the end. We sleep at 21:00.

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photo by: capitals33