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We slept again until the morning light; Timo wakes up early and already goes for a walk at 05:30. The flycatchers with their yellow belly bite the insects playful out of the air. The hummingbirds hang still in front of the flowers to drink nectar from them and when they get disturbed, they hum away and look like giant bees. A young pigeon walks over the path, an iguana lies sunning in a tree, I mean warming, because there is no sun. It stopped raining this morning at 04:30 and we’re gad for that. At 06:30 Eef is also awake and joins Timo for a walk through the lodge domain. We seek and find three blue jeans poison dart frogs, tens of black and green poison dart frogs in the frog farm.

We had also visited that yesterday. In a cavity of a tree stump a crab has found security and has just caught a tadpole from the little pond: the cruel laws of nature. At 07:30 we can have breakfast and now Timo takes fruits and an egg, omelet with everything. Eef has fruit and cornflakes. We like it and then prepare for checkout. At 09:00 we go to the boats. Due to the abundant rain of the last couple of days the water has risen about 15 centimeters. With two large boats we leave for Caño Blanco. This time the curtains are open and we see a few little blue herons, ospreys and a few anhingas. We’re still impressed by the roughness of the unspoiled nature. We move on quickly and stop a few moments for the roseate spoonbill and we see two great blue herons and a kind of ani and arrive after one hour in Caño Blanco.
The village is flooded. Two small pieces are still dry, not being flooded by the river and also the three waiting rooms on poles. It takes a while until all luggage and all people are on the correct bus. Then we start the first two kilometers with a few people standing on the bus. The road is gone, fully flooded and the water is about 30-40 centimeters high. The cows stand to their knees in the water and the white herons take advantage of all this. They can catch fish and frogs between the grasses. Not only the road is flooded, some houses are too. After two kilometers some take another bus, that was waiting here and we drive back over the bumpy road and drive along the plantations of Chiquita again. For miles and miles we only see bananas and more bananas. After 30 kilometer we arrive on the main road close to Siquirres and then drive directly to Rio Dante. There we have lunch and some people arranged a car here to continue their trip from here directly. Leen and Philippe leave from here to the north, their next stop. We drive further with two other couples; arrive at the Braulio Carilla National Park, high through the mountains and it starts to rain and there is thick fog. When we descend to San José the sun starts to shine, it looks like the mountains have stopped the rain. After three days this warmth is very welcome. Alonso drops us off at the Hotel Torremolinos, we check in again, take the complete luggage (also our second bag) to room 24. Before we went to Tortuguero we had to leave a part of the luggage at the hotel, because we had to limit the total weight to 24 kilo. It’s still light, so we take a walk, during the rush hour to the park, and there make a short walk. We see a small squirrel and many grackles. We don’t stay long and return to the hotel on time. We prepare for tomorrow, drink some Imperial and write the diary. We think that we know how we will get out of San José the easiest way, but during rush hour it will be an adventure anyway. We drink two more Imperial at the restaurant and then order something to eat. Timo orders a hamburguesa and Eef has pasta carbonara. With an Imperial that’s always good. We drink and eat and pretty early we go to our room. It is almost a disgrace, because at 19:30 we go to bed and it feels good. Well, that’s life here in Costa Rica; get up early and go to bed early too, sometimes very early. Tomorrow we move on to the southeast and hopefully we can go diving there and the weather would become a little bit better.

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San Jose
photo by: Isoinspira