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My drink at Banana Leaf. Something involving pineapple and coconut.
After our long day at Ankor, we went back to our hotel for much needed showers. The issues from earlier in the day were mostly resolved. Most of what was missing had been found in the laundry boy's stuff! After getting ready, ten of us headed down to "Pub Street" where there are many restaurants and of course, bars.

Our guide was pointing out all the different restaurants on the street, but I was determined to try Cambodian BBQ. I wasn't sure what exactly it was, but I knew you could get a variety of meats there- crocodile, ostrich, snake, and kangaroo. I'd be lying if I said that the Travel Channel's No Reservations and Bizarre Foods haven't encouraged me to be more daring (to a point) with the foods I try when I travel! A couple in our group from Canada headed down later to check it out and asked what they had to eat there.
Sign in the bathroom at Banana Leaf
I pointed to the sign that listed all of the animals and they basically said "see ya later" and went in search of something else.

My roommate, Dean (one of the 19 year olds on a RTW trip) and I wanted to try something new and interesting so we decided to each order different things and share. It was obvious that they would be my partners in crime (PIC) for the short time that they were on the trip. I really wanted to try crocodile for some reason. If ten years ago you had told me that I would one day be sitting at a restaurant in Cambodia and ordering crocodile for dinner, I would have thought you were crazy. But there I was. My roommate was really into trying ostrich and Dean ordered chicken as a backup in case the other ones weren't so tasty. The crocodile and ostrich turned out to be great, way better than the chicken!

After dinner, the PIC and I and two of the Canadians decided to hit up a bar called the Banana Leaf.
Me and Dean at X Bar
It's a nice mellow place to sit down and have a drink and a chat. But our conversation was being drowned out from the loud music coming from the Temple Club next door. Eventually the Canadians left to go to bed. The PIC and I wanted to check out the Temple Club but went to see what was happening at X Bar first. It's at the end of Pub Street and at the top of a building that overlooks the street. Nothing much was going on there that night. It's a big place with pool tables and a lot of seating. It's probably much more fun when there are a lot of people there.

We went back down the street to Temple Club which had a decent sized crowd for a Monday night. We went in to join the fun. They played a lot of Top 40 hits and it felt like a Western club, except for a big woodcarving of Ankor Wat on the wall. So there I was dancing to a reggaeton hit song, looking at a picture of Angkor Wat, colorful lights flashing and foreigners dancing awkwardly but enthusiastically around me. A microcosm of Siem Reap and Angkor?

sybil says:
that is great -- reggaeton in siem reap! this is a global village.
Posted on: Apr 28, 2008
rotorhead85 says:
I love this town!
Posted on: Apr 26, 2008
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My drink at Banana Leaf. Something…
My drink at Banana Leaf. Somethin…
Sign in the bathroom at Banana Leaf
Sign in the bathroom at Banana Leaf
Me and Dean at X Bar
Me and Dean at X Bar
PIC at Temple Club
PIC at Temple Club
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