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I wandered around the aiport with two women I met on the plane who were from the East Bay and heading to ashram in India. We were not paying attention but followed people who were on to a train that took us to the customs area. We wanted to know if we needed to get our luggage in Hong Kong so we searched for someone to ask. The woman at the check in counter at SFO said they were checking my bags straight to Bangkok, but I was still wary. I only had two nights in Bangkok before heading to Cambodia so I didn't want to have a lost backpack. Someone assured us that our bags had been checked through to our destinations. The two women had a long layover so they were going to leave the airport and explore Hong Kong before catching their next flight. I didn't have time to leave the airport so we parted ways.

At the Hong Kong airport you feel like you could be anywhere in the world with all of the fast food chains and designer clothing stores. One nice thing about the Hong Kong airport is computers with free internet. You have to pay a little bit of attention to notice them and then realize they're free to use. I think I was logged on to Travbuddy when some woman plugged in her laptop and blew a fuse and all the computers went out.

The flight to Bangkok was alright. I was sitting next to a guy who I'm pretty sure was a sumo wrestler. But thankfully I was sitting in an aisle seat so I had a little more space. They served a "snack" on the flight which was basically a full meal. I think Cathay Pacific has pretty good airplane food. The meal included some fruit I had never seen before. It was pink on the outside and white on the inside with black seeds. I tried to ask the sumo wrestler what it was and he just shrugged. So I tried it and it was okay- edible, but not something I'd eat everyday. As we got closer to Bangkok, I got small glimpses of Thailand. And then we finally arrived at the unique Suvarnabhumi Airport. Hello Thailand!
worldcitizen says:
No one fixed it! Everyone waited around for awhile and no one came so we left. And yes, the dragonfruit looks way more interesting than it tastes! I think what they gave us on the flight had must have had sugar on it, because when I tried it again after that it wasn't as sweet.
Posted on: Apr 12, 2008
portia says:
kind of funny with the blown fuse! did anyone come running to fix them? The white fruit with black seeds and pink rim is called "Fire Dragon Fruit" in Chinese. I found it to be better to look at than it was in eating, rather plain, do you agree?
Posted on: Apr 11, 2008
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