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The mullet haircutter on Khao San
The Last Supper

After returning from Ayutthaya, I rejoined the group for a farewell dinner at restaurant around the corner from Khao San. I told the group about my foray into the world of solo travel and they shared stories about the slow boat from Luang Prabang to Thailand. Most of them thought the first day was nice and relaxing but the second day was boring and long.

After dinner, Cat and I headed to Khao San Road which was even more busy than the first night I arrived in Bangkok.
The guy with the mohawk is supposedly a famous stylist in Thailand
I thought back to that night and my wide-eyed awe as I viewed the spectacle around me. We kept running into her tour guide friends, including the guy from Peru who we had seen in Hoi An. He was beginning the same tour we were on and his group was out celebrating their first night.

We joined another tour leader at a road side bar around the corner from Khao San. This leader was originally from Papua New Guinea and was leading a trip south through Thailand, and down to Malaysia and Singapore. We had a fun cocktail-fueled philosophical discussion about travel and people and life. After hanging out for awhile, Cat and I left to go to the Irish Pub on Khao San.

At the pub, there was a local band performing covers of rock songs. They were actually pretty good. At the table next to us were two or three Western guys surrounded by about ten or so prostitutes.
At the Bangkok Airport
They were all drinking up a storm and dancing like no one was watching. The guys looked like they had just arrived in town and it seemed like they were thinking, "Wow, these nice girls really want to party with us!"

We left and stumbled upon some sort of promotional haircut event. You could get a free cut, but it was completely up to the stylist to choose what to do. One guy was basically giving out five minute mullets. Another guy was taking his time and doing nicer cuts. Cat informed me he was a famous hair stylist in Thailand. As we were heading back to the hotel, Cat stopped at street food stall because she wanted to get some soup. I guess it's their version of a late night fast food or Mexican food run after partying! The soup was great, simple street food is the way to go.

One More Thing.
View from an airport window

After breakfast with a couple of group mates, I wandered around town for a bit before checking out of the hotel and having one last Pad Thai. I arrived at the airport way earlier than I needed to. With all that time and some leftover baht to spend, I was thinking about the one thing I had to do before leaving Thailand. Eat bugs? Thai boxing match? Visit a beach? Nope, I wanted a Thai massage. I thought it was a great way to celebrate making it through my first backpacking trip. The massage was kind of painful, but after I was beat up and had elbows dug into my shoulders, I was relaxed and free of knots.

On the plane, I sat next to an older couple from Arkansas. They had done a luxury tour of Southeast Asia and had been to the many of the same places as me in a shorter period of time. As they told me about their trip, I could see that they had a completely different experience than me. They stared at me blankly as I told them of bumpy roads and shady border crossings with a mix of lamentation and amusement. There are definitely many ways to travel the Indochina circle. When we landed, they headed to Macau and I went off to brave my short stay in Hong Kong.
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The mullet haircutter on Khao San
The mullet haircutter on Khao San
The guy with the mohawk is suppose…
The guy with the mohawk is suppos…
At the Bangkok Airport
At the Bangkok Airport
View from an airport window
View from an airport window
photo by: Deats