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December 28 - January 7, 2007

It was the 29th day for me staying in London. And now I was on the move again for a short trip to Italy.

I got an invitation from India-Nepal’s companion, Ale, to visit his home town in Turin. After we travelled together and he knew I planned to stay in London for 3 months so why doesn't I join him there during New Year? 

Back to November 2007 before I came to London.

I've been thinking about it for two weeks - to go or not to go?
Yeah could be nice but the problem wasn't about me but about the visa. I know you know, it isn't that so easy for Thai people to apply the visa to US or to UK or schengen visa or
everywhere in the world! Though I'm good, I had no problem with anything. I had money. I had jobs but once in my life time Irish embassy denied me the Irish visa. Uhmm! And what about this time?

Ok. At that time. I already got the UK visa. I had the ticket to London. I applied the UK visa when I still had a job.  And also  applied another US visa and I got 10 Years US visa already now.  After that I quit my job to go to India and Nepal then back to Bangkok to prepare to go to London - I don't have any job anymore. But i had to appied the Schengen Visa to go to Italy. I wasn't sure if I could get it. If they denied, it wasn't nice to have the record on my passport  for sure.

Fortunately I applied for six visas this year and I got them all so maybe those visas can help me get Italian visa easier. And with all of my documents, statement, plane booking ticket, hotel booking document, a letter that I introduced myself and my plan in Italy, I thought I had a potential to pass the visa. But I'm still concern. Even you have money but the embassy can say that "You have too much money on this age, I don't give you the visa because you can spend your money for the rest of your life in my country." Why is everything so ridiculous?!

But I decided to apply it anyway. I didn't say yes or no to Ale yet. I wanted to surprise him. (But actually I don't want him to pressure me if I told him that I applied :D)

The applying day

I didn’t tell the embassy that I know Ale. It’s my trick to apply for every visa. Some people thought if they say that they know people there, they could get the visa easier but I don't think so. I heard a lot about people who filled the form that they know someone in the country they go then their applications were denied or they got an appointment for an interview especially for Thai women. The spot light will come upon you when they see that you're Thai. A Thai woman’s ora will make them look only you and look at you deeply in a negative way. “Are you going to visit your boyfriend? Will you stay there forever? How long do you know each other? Do they support any expense when you’re there? How much money you have? Where do you live there? And a lot more”.  At the first sight they don't think that you would go for travel but they thought that you have known someone there or wanted to escape from Thailand forever.

So to don't let them think anything is better to support yourself and go there by yourself as I did. 

They officer at an Italian embassy wanted to see the hotel booking with one night already paid but I didn’t have it to show them.  I told them that I’m not sure if I got the visa so I don’t want to waste money for that. The staff said “I’m not sure but maybe we will make an appointment to interview you because you’ll go there alone and know no one there. We’ll call you within 3 days. If no one calls you, you can call to check again after 6 days”.

I hoped I pass.  Please give it to me.

On day 4, I called them. The officer said “Your passport is back here. You can come to pick it up tomorrow”. “Do I get the visa?” “yes, of course”


I think because of my statement and the 10 years US visa and the UK visa helped me. And I traveled to some places so my two passports are full of stamps. Those made me understand that I'm a tourist not that I want to live there.

When I went to pick up my passport, the officer said “Please be careful when you travel there. Italy is a little bit dangerous for a woman who travels alone”. I smiled and thought “Haha .. nah nah ... I won’t be alone!”

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