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A cigarettes theif was there.


I don't know what happen into my life. Because of myself or because of my friend, Laila, brought the bad luck from Brighton. The first two days since I arrived it was happy but after she came to visit me "bad luck and excitement" came along too :)

1. A pilfer

I was inhaling nicotine in front of the house while talking on the phone then two women walked pass by, they're not English because they don't speak English to each other. Then one of them came to me and spoke English with strange accent "One cigarette?" I said "ahh sure". Then I handed her my cigarettes box, thought she's gonna take one. I don't know how many days she didn't smoke but she took that box and walked away!!! What! So I followed her.

Me    :    Hey miss, just one cigarette.

Why do you take the whole box?

She   :   --didn't hear anything--  now she's being deaf

Me     :    Ok, I give you two but give me the box back

She didn't say anything. Walked faster.

Me     :    Won't you give me back? Any pence left in your pocket to buy it yourself?

She     :   Go go go away, leave me alone  

You asked me or I asked you??? What???

Me    :     I'll leave you alone if you leave that box here and go.

She walked faster. Her friend didn't say anything.

ME    :     I know this isn't your first time to stole it but if you can't afford it, just quit. That's my cigarettes!! (I spoke loud) 

She stopped, looked at me and walked again.

Me    :     So how can you live here, you stole everything from everyone? Sleep at the bus station? Live your life by selling yourself?

(I know that's rude but sorry I was angry)

Then she stopped and shouted loud "You're the one who asked for my cigarettes, it's my cigarettes."

And screamed and ran!

Speechless for a moment. She's crazy!

When my conscious back so I ran to her and shouted too.

Me      :    Ok thief.

Welcome to London …I love youuuu!  Happy to see you die so soon with my cigarettes!!!

Well, can't believe how could I do that! And can't believe how did she does it?! In London, we all know, cigarettes is expensive. Really expensive. I know it's not good to smoke but those two girls are bad to steal it from my hands. Well, what a welcome!

After that day, I was asked for cigarettes many times from people on the street but I said "sorry, this is the last one". Someone asked me one cigarette and he wanted to pay but I said the same "sorry it's the last one".  Also I met one guy at Victoria station picked up the cigarettes which was thrown down on the street. Well if it's too expensive for them to afford, why don't they stop?  

2. A bomb

In the evening, Laila and I went to Oxford Circus, shopping area. We're looking for a place to have something to eat. Can't believe that we stopped at the one that we're always having when we're in bangkok. Burgur King hahaha Ok don't laugh!

We're sitting next to the window. Outside was the Picadilly Circus. 10 minutes later, we saw many polices in front of the Burger King. What happened? They're dragging the bars to close the way in front of Burker king, like when someone dies and the polices put the plastic tab surrounding the place. We're thinking what happened, then the polices came inside and told us to get out. What! Then one guy asked the police what happened. He said "I can't tell you, just keep walking"! Laila turned to me "what do you think?" I said "I think there has a bomb outside!"


We went out. Laila tried to tell me that it's not the bomb, maybe they're making a film (haha) But I think it's a bomb for sure. She asked me to get out as the police told us. But I was hesitating to see what happened. We waited about a half an hour around there but nothing had happened. I was just realized that it was a stupid thing. If it was a bomb, I wouldn't have a chance to write this blog right now for sure. Silly me, also Laila :D



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A cigarettes theif was there.
A cigarettes theif was there.
photo by: ulysses