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The cold on the first day in London was disappear since I stepped here, Bangkok my home town, again. Not more than 5 minutes, I sweated! 14 hours different, also the temperature from 8c to 34c !


Don't know when I got a chance to wander around the world again. I've heard a lot of my friends spoke about London that it's nice. Was wondering why do some of my friends choose only London for their holiday each year? But after I've been there, even just a short trip but I think I know why they love London.  

London in my mind ...

* Before coming back to Bangkok, have lost another new hat in that tube! Again!

* The bus - 220 and 156 that brought me back home everynight.

* Quiet street at Southfields when I walked back home after midnight

* A cab that i never take

* 3 months in London, there were more than 20 people came to me to ask just only one cigarette

* The more you lost, the more fun!

* An impressive Tube Map haha

* Pubs/Bars at Liverpool Street

* A lot of Thai people in London, a lot more than in Nepal

* A lot of Thai and Italian restaurants

* Tesco haha ... very cheap!!

* Cooking food by ourselves

* Paid about 20 pounds for just a switch!

* Shopping alone in London wasn't cool as in Bangkok!

* Primark and H&M Are cheap!

* Forgot to zip my trousers when I walked out. And when people looked at me, thought they liked me haha well!

* 60 pounds a week for my room including everything with 3 heaters!!

* Nice customers at the restaurants!

* Happy family - Tong Kanomthai family!

* Pubs/Bars at night

* Polish guy who asked my number at the bus station haha

* English guy who asked for 40 pence!

* Friendly English

* I haven't met any handsome guys there!!!

* My name is Tom ka - one of our customer who has the name as the Thai food "TOM KA"

* That cold weather which I really love!!!!!!!!

* Good moon - full moon in London is beautiful same as in Lipe Island and  Nepal

* Lonely but happy

* Smart dogs in the buses

*  A fox in front of my house at 3am!

* A black cat walked cross me!

* Kanomthai Good evening - My routines hello to customer

* London wasn't clean as I imagined. A lot of cigarettes on the ground, same as India!

* When they cross the street, same as in Thailand. They don't wait for the traffic light!

* Expensive phone calls!

* Expensive transportation ticket!

* Expensive Water and Coke!

 * 1 pound - everything!

* 1 pound = 70 THB when I went there but 1 pound = 61 THB when I back!!!

* One care almost crashing me but he said "fuck you!" to me!!

And a lot more in my mind ....


newtampo says:
You can do it, quit your job now! :D :D:D
Posted on: Jul 18, 2008
ErnaButterfly says:
wow, 3 months in London, great!!! i wish i can too..
Posted on: Jul 16, 2008
newtampo says:
I remember I really missed Bangkok when I was on the plane back here but after landing, well anyone bring me back please! But I'm ok with it now :D And I love my hot and humid country haha. Yeah, H&M is nice. Here doesn't has any :(
Posted on: Jul 07, 2008
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