Turkey turkey, gobble gobble, eat so much, wobble wobble!

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We didn't take any pictures of the dinner unfortunately but here is the part of all the food that i paid for!

Today we didn’t have any big plans except for our turkey dinner!! Layed around for a bit this morning and then started to cook. Got the turkey in the oven around quarter to 12. Mark peeled the potatoes which was nice of him. Pretty much just sat and watch Friends, 3rd Rock from the Sun, and House while the turkey was cooking. Then Adam and Helen came over and we were watching the Man U game. After a while I got the potatoes cooking, then I started on the veggies, the stuffing, and the corn. Anyways so everything was cooking and I took the turkey out and that wasn’t cooked!! The turkey was just under 9lbs so it should have only took 3 hours but I think there was something wrong with Mark’s oven cause we had it in there for over 4 hours and I still wasn’t too sure if all parts of it were cooked haha. So Mark was gonna mash the potatoes but unfortunately he added too much butter and whipped them so much that they were actually soup. It was pretty sick I’m not gonna lie. I mean they tasted alright but just looking at them made them taste bad cause they just looked so nasty. Either then that the turkey was pretty good although no one knew how to cut a turkey so we just picked it off the bird lol. But the stuffing and veggies were really good and my gravy turned out awesome!! So all in call I guess it was a success but it didn’t really seem like that as the potatoes were pretty sick and it wasn’t all cooked on time and together because we had to wait on the bird. Oh well it was still good!! Pretty much just sat around after that cause Ruby and I had to leave shortly after that to get our train back to London. We left Mark’s around 6pm and our train left at 6:30. So all in all another fun weekend in Chesterfield and we will maybe seeing Mark again next weekend in Cardiff, if not the weekend after for Warren’s house party! Don’t know why we didn’t take that many pictures though this time...Ruby says it’s because I’m officially not a tourist anymore J Hehe

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We didnt take any pictures of the…
We didn't take any pictures of th…
photo by: matthew