Blowing, drifting, icy roads keep schools closed

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Well, the local ice cream place is open. I LOVE Mike's Dairy Bar and am SO GLAD they recovered from the flood, but BRR!

Today will be more of a written blog than yesterday's pictorial one. Dan needed the camera for work.  I'm working with a very old camera whose batteries go dead at the drop of a hat.  It's charging right now.  Because of this, there won’t be as many pictures today.

At least we went on delay this morning before we closed.  At 5:30 a.m. my phone took the message that school was on a 2-hour delay.  At 6:25 a.m., I woke up and checked the phone to discover that I could sleep in a couple more hours.  At 7:25 a.m., Dan came upstairs and informed me that I needed to move my car out of the barn.  Let me explain our barn, we have two sets of large doors; one facing west and one facing south.

Children's Village and Pamela’s Boutique’s awnings are snow covered.
  Something has happened to the west facing doors (I think they've slightly jumped track sometime this winter) and as much as I try, I cannot muscle them open.  SO, we parked my car toward the south facing doors which I can open easily.  Dan went out to move his truck and discovered a monster drift in front of the south doors which my little Celica with added ground effects has NO CHANCE of driving through unscathed.  Oh, and Dan couldn't move it for me because he never quite mastered the art of driving a manual transmission, let alone maneuver the thing through tractors, mowers, old rolls of carpet... etc.  So, out of bed I come, on go the boots and the coat, and I trudge out in my tropical print pajama pants.  After climbing over drifts that come to my knees and waist, prying open my car door that froze in the barn over night; backing up, pulling forward, backing up, pulling forward, backing up, pulling forward; finding a spot in the lane where it wasn't drifted too badly to park the car; trudging inside; waving Dan goodbye; peeling off my layers; I finally sat down at the computer to see if the school in the district where I live (which is next to the district where I teach) had closed.
The Corner Inn
  This will tell me what the roads will be like for half of my drive to work.  At around 7:50 a.m. I hear my cell phone (which is still snuggled warmly in bed.  Yes, I actually sleep with the cell phone that way if it's on vibrate, I still get school notices without waking Dan up) ringing the Hallelujah Chorus (which is my ringer for school notices - kind of amusing because the only real school notices I get from this number are school delays and closings).  *sigh* Another day off.

So here I sit, trying to get motivated to get out and about.  On days where I don't work but everyone else in my family is, I rotate who I eat lunch with.  Obviously, yesterday was Mom.  Today is supposed to be Dad (see my "Eating My Way Around Tiffin, Ohio" blog), but I got a phone call from Dan saying the roads are MUCH worse than yesterday due to a layer of ice that's under the blowing and drifting snow.

Trying to warm up with coffee in the Corner Inn.
  Weather reports tell me that it's not going to get even close to above freezing today, and will probably be cold enough that the salt on the roads won't get enough good time to work.  So, I'll reassess at 11:00 to see if roads have improved.

I don't know if anywhere else in the world other than Ohio has County-wide "snow emergencies".  We have 3 levels of snow emergencies.  When the county (I think the sheriff makes that call) announces we're on a "LEVEL 1", that means the roads aren't very good, watch for patches of ice and blowing snow.  Be very careful.  This will usually send all the schools on a 2-hour delay.  A "LEVEL 2" means the roads are very bad and many country roads could be impassable.

Corner Inn menu
  Only go out on the roads if it's necessary.  You can pretty much bet on no school during a level 2.  A "LEVEL 3" means that the raods are so bad, you can be arrested for being out and about except for an extreme emergency.  Now, I was once told that you'll only be cited if they have to come pull you out.  If you read my "Hometown Weather Woes" blog, you'll see that I drove home from my brother's house with 2 counties under level 2 emergencies and 2 counties with level 3s.  For the most part I was on major highways, though.  Anyway… I digress.

Okay, I've wasted my entire morning on dancing around to Blink 182, playing games on the computer, and a long enough shower to drain the water heater.

Corner Inn salad
  Off to lunch with Mom.  I got reports from both Dan and Dad that the roads were pretty rotten, so I figured it was better to have less people traveling bad roads than necessary.

The sun is out.  I hope to go to school tomorrow.

Mom and I chose to eat at the Corner Inn today.  I enjoy their soup and salad bar, but the soup didn't interest me today.  Mom and I both got the toasted turkey club sandwich with the salad bar.  It was excellent.  If you're looking for a good, local place to eat lunch in Upper, check out the Corner Inn.  They also have the best breakfast in town!

Next door is Neumeister's Candy Shoppe.

Neumeister's Candy Shoppe, a wonderful, old-fashioned candy store.
  I'll do a more detailed review, but I tell you this place has a magnetic draw to it.  I simply can't walk by without stopping in.  For me, it's like stepping into a time before I was born.  The smell is so inviting - think warm chocolate.  I bought mom a hot chocolate and I got a coffee drink.  While the drink was being made, I contemplated taking home a few pounds of Jelly Belly beans, but resisted (however, the girl behind the counter let me try the rookie flavor - Pomegranate - YUMMY!)  We stood and talked with the owner for a bit, said hello to a few friends who wandered in, and went back to the bank.

After dropping Mom off, the rest of my day was pretty uneventful.  I mailed some postcards, drove past a new house for sale that I'd like to see, and went home to do dishes.

Neumeister's Candy Shoppe has the BEST in-house made hand dipped chocolate goodies! (There are about 4 million calories in this picture)

Every Wednesday evening, my family (Aunt, Uncle, Grandparents, Parents, Dan and I) eat dinner together.  This week was at LOS ARCOS!  YUMMY!  Another wonderful meal and Tecate later, I was thinking about what I was going to do at school tomorrow... alas...

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Well, the local ice cream place is…
Well, the local ice cream place i…
Childrens Village and Pamela’s …
Children's Village and Pamela’s…
The Corner Inn
The Corner Inn
Trying to warm up with coffee in t…
Trying to warm up with coffee in …
Corner Inn menu
Corner Inn menu
Corner Inn salad
Corner Inn salad
Neumeisters Candy Shoppe, a wonde…
Neumeister's Candy Shoppe, a wond…
Neumeisters Candy Shoppe has the …
Neumeister's Candy Shoppe has the…
Neumeisters Candy Shoppe has a ve…
Neumeister's Candy Shoppe has a v…
Finishing the day out at Los Arcos…
Finishing the day out at Los Arco…
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