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It was the first time that Marc, Manu and I went for a relaxing golf weekend; we had often played together various places in Belgium after we started to work together. I had not played much before I went Belgium and Marc started just before I arrived to work on the project in Belgium.

We had always enjoyed our company and we were especially good at having fun at the 19th hole. We worked all on the same project that almost took all of our time and golf was the only thing that could make us leave the office early one day a week and get our mind far away from the daily troubles.

We had talked about leaving for a while so one day I just booked the plane tickets and 3 hotel rooms so that it not should end up in talks. We went straight from the office on a Friday afternoon and we were not going to look back.

I had booked some fairly cheap tickets with SN Brussels but we had to buy extra luggage for our golf club which was 60 euro each. Well on board in the plane the others had a couple of drinks while I had to stay sober because I had rented a car for us in Barcelona so we could get to the hotel and the different golf courses that Marc had booked. During the flight Marc, who is great at forgetting things like glasses and phones, put his phone in the pocket on the seat in front of him. Both Manu and I said that it was stupid but he said that he never forgot anything.

Well out of the plane and while we were getting our luggage Marc found out that he had forgotten his phone as we said he would. He left to retrieve it while Manu and I took the luggage and went for the car at the Hertz rental which was situated in the arrival area. The queue was not large but it took ages to get the car; by ages I mean that it took far more than ½ hour and in that time Marc did not even get back from the airport area.

We could do nothing else than wait because he had no phone anymore and that was how it was going to be the whole weekend because the phone was gone. We guessed that one of the airplane cleaners did take it because we knew the seat and everything and there had only gone 15 minutes from we left the plane until Marc found out that he had lost the phone. He was quite unlucky because he had just met a girl and he wanted to keep in contact with while we were there, but that was getting quite difficult because he had not learnt her phone number by the heart yet.

We finally got our car, which turned out to be the new Ford C-max; which turned out to be a nice spacious car. We had one hour’s drive to our hotel and it was just heading north towards Girona. When we arrived to the hotel we were pleasantly surprised; the hotel was really nice, great looking and quite empty. I had booked 3 shore rooms, not knowing what that was but I had a guess that they were facing the water.

We had 3 rooms next to each other and quite far from the reception and the bar. We all opened our hotel doors at the same time and found that we had to take some stairs down to the room. The room was quite large and with a nice double bed. I left my luggage on the bed and opened the door towards the water. What happen next was quite amazing; we had all opened the doors at the same time and stepped out on our balconies at the same time.

The view was fantastic with trees semi shading for the water that was light up by a clear moon that was facing us. The water was making this calm rolling noise towards the cliff that was 20 meters below us. The view, the sound and the scent was stunning and on top of this it was close to 20 degrees in the end of February! Heaven was a place on earth – for sure.

That night we all slept with the balcony door open so we could hear the water rolling all night, but first after we had went into the nearest town and had some beers and some good food. It was an awesome start of the weekend.  

FoxyFauz says:
Great review Chris, very detailed :) Congratulations on being featured!
Posted on: Nov 21, 2011
monky says:
Nice review Chris congratulations!
Posted on: Nov 21, 2011
Chokk says:
Thank you, JR
Posted on: Nov 21, 2011
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