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Who likes loosing their luggage? Anyone? Didn't think so. Previously, coming back from somewhere I accidentally checked in my bag with my phone left switched on inside. Is that a big deal? They say so, so I had it recalled so I can switch it off. Will the bag get back on its way in the same direction as me? Are there too many questions in this blog entry? Maybe. Anyway I didn't get my bag until a few days later via courier.

The relevance here is the thought of things just getting ducked up a little at check-in as I was going back to Manchester and my friend was terminating at Gatwick. Can the systems cope with checking in 2 people at the same time so as to sit next to each other but have separate final destinations? My idea is to just check in separately and if they can seat us together then fine but don't confuse the staff. My friend’s idea was to butt in and confuse the staff; great something will go wrong now.

My bag has just been delivered via courier.

Oh yes the business class bit; I notice on my ticket it says business class for the second leg back to Manchester, great I can use the lounge at Gatwick, free drinks and food and can use the internet etcetera. Don't know if I actually paid for business class or everyone was business on that flight, but the first leg was half hour late and had to run to catch the second leg so no time to use the lounge and incidentally, that maybe why my bag didn't make the connection. It did have a RUSH sticker on it. Does that mean the bag should be moved quicker than others or maybe it is just the company's name that prints the lables?

Feel free to answer any non-rhetorical questions or leave a comment.

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