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As I've mentionned, the situation is getting wors and wors in Zimbabwe. And it's killing the toerist business, so that means another disaster for the locals. You must know that when you want to visit Zimbabwe coming from Zambia, you are only allowed into the country if you order a taxi from Zimbabwe. Only problem is that the cars in Zimbabwe are becomming in a terrible state and they can't get spare parts for them so it travelling to Zimbabwe becomes more and more an adventure. Once passed the border (seeing all these local people trying to get into Zambia to buy some food and other necessary articles) and arriving at the entrance of the site, you see that there isn't much left of the toerist business. The little shops don't have anything left to sell as souvenirs, just some bottles of water and old postcards. And than you see the falls, much more powerfull than on the Zambian side, incredible to experience this and such a pity that it isn't so accessible anymore, a lost for the globetrotter. My heart goes out to all the people suffering in this country!

Let's hope the elections on the 29th of March will bring some changes! For an update on the situation in Zimbabwe, check out this website: www.zimonline.co.za


wanderinwurzel says:
i would suggest taking clothes to barter with the street straders in vic falls, as is more use than money to them :) i hope that things improve soon :)
Posted on: Mar 07, 2008
travelman727 says:
You are so right about the political situation and the poverty in Zimbabwe. One of my friends is an expat from Zimbabwe. His mother died last week and he could not go home for her funeral for fear that he would not be able to return to the US.
Posted on: Mar 07, 2008
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