My present from India! A must know for all travellers! Tuberculosis (TB) :(

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As many of my friends on Travbuddy know, I have been unwell since coming back from India. To cut the story short, something showed up on a CT scan of my lung after I complained of feeling breathless, very tired and lethargic and having chest pains when I got home, 2 months after my trip.

8 months down a line of a lot of testing, and the horrors of supsected cancer, I was informed today I have Tuberculosis (TB).

I just want to say to anyone travelling to take good care, and check out the health risks of any country you go to, especially India/Asia/Africa etc. I never thought anything like this would happen to me (I love India, and I plan to go back when I am better) but statistics are there for a reason. Check them out, and get health wise!

Simple guidelines:

1) Take care of your journeys, ie: the cheaper you travel, the more chance you have of meeting poorer people with higher rates of diseases. Did I do this? No, I slept on 3rd class sleeper trains... I travelled on local buses all the time, and long distance etc

2) Stay away from people with persistent coughs/sneezes, always cover your face/mouth, especially when travelling around on local buses/trains with a scarf or handkerchief etc

3) If you feel unwell, don't dismiss it! Get it checked out! Tell your Dr you have been travelling etc and be clear about your symptoms

4) Look after your diet, eat well and drink bottled water, keep clean, always wash your hands etc

5) If you decide to work/volunteer in orphanages/hospices, take the right equipment with you ie: gloves, surgical face masks  -I'm not kidding. Did I do this when I spent time at the Aids/Leprosy/TB hospice? No. I didn't, and I now have TB.

6) Look things up. I was unaware that after a cough or sneeze the TB bacteria can hang around in the air for 5 hours afterwards, and can only be killed by sunlight and UV light!!! Scary huh???

Happy travelling, and look after yourselves!!!


Kliffy says:
Sorry to hear about this....hope u come back and see the best of india ...
Posted on: Apr 20, 2010
rotorhead85 says:
Wow, hope you have a fast recovery...
Posted on: Jul 02, 2009
bernard69 says:
I' m really sorry for u,I hope u make a speedy recovery
Posted on: Jun 21, 2009
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