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Costa del Sol: Torremolinos
After a half day spent in Gibraltar, we were off to Spain's summer destination - Costa del Sol! But it was in the middle of February so what were we supposed to do? Swimming in the freezing waters of the Mediterranean was out. I had no inclination of getting sick - there was still Barcelona to look forward to and getting sick would just plain suck!

After dropping off our luggages in our respective rooms, we took the hotel shuttle that will drop us right by the shore. Ah! The Mediterranean Sea. Despite the beach being deserted - it was winter - we were excited to be there. Time for the checklist!

Bodies of Water checklist:
Pacific Ocean (√) check - Vina del Mar/Renaca, Chile & San Francisco, California
Atlantic Ocean (√) check - from Long Island, New York to Miami, Florida
Carribean Sea (√) check - Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
Mediterranean Sea (√) check - Torremolinos/Malaga, Spain!

The view was fantastic! We played along the shore, dipped our little toes into the water - despite the cold - and collected some seashells that I still have even to this day.
Costa del Sol: Torremolinos - a Piccasso artwork in sculpture.. I forgot the name.. "Lovers.." something?
How I got them through customs, I had no clue. We waited for the sunset and we were not disappointed - it was spectacular! The blending of the colors of dark hues of blue, red, orange, and yellow were a treat.  While waiting for the hotel shuttle, we walked around and found a Chinese Restaurant with a buddha (?) outside! The Lunar New Year was nearing so I rubbed its rounded belly - checked for bowel sounds in all quadrants, distention, tympany, eh, okay - enough of the gastrointestinal assessment - and wished for a good Year of the Boar/Pig. Wet (our feet were soaked), a wee bit exhausted and hungry, dinner was a quiet affair. There were shows in the lobby being performed. Old people - and I mean old like 50+ old, were gathered in the lobby. There were singing and dancing. We watched it a bit before checking out the karaoke area. It was empty and there were no English songs - all were in Spanish. We watched some other people sang a song or two -badly, I might add before retiring. It has been a long day and we were stopping at Malaga the next day!
ellechic says:
Hahaha... true!
Posted on: Mar 07, 2008
jteddyb says:
There's nothing quite as bad as bad karaoke.
Posted on: Mar 07, 2008
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Costa del Sol: Torremolinos
Costa del Sol: Torremolinos
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Costa del Sol: Torremolinos - a P…
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Costa del Sol: Malaga - view
Costa del Sol: Malaga - view
Costa Del Sol
photo by: dfoo