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Finally, the day had come to go to Budapest.  I was so excited!  We got on the train at the Westbahnhof, and were on our way.  The train ride took us through Slovakia, and although we didn't get to get off the train, it was still cool passing through a new country, and seeing views of it though the window. 

We arrived in Budapest at the Deli Pu train station.  It was certain, at that point in my life (before I'd ever been to Asia) the most different place I'd ever been.  It took us a little longer than we thought it would to understand how to purchase the metro passes, but finally we were off.

I have to take out a minute here and give a shout out to my brother, long overdue in this blog.  I'm not normally an over packer; and by the Asia trip, I took only one small carry one roller bag for three weeks.  But for this trip, I took too much.  It was fall, we needed sweaters and sweatshirts, and I took a big roller bag that ended up being too heavy for me to carry up and down all the steps of all the different metro stops; and my brother was so kind and amazing, just a champ.  He always helped me, even though he had his own.  What a lucky sister I am, I mean that.

Anyway, we made it to our metro stop, made it up the stairs, and started to walk, and there it was; The Chain Bridge.  On most of my trips, there is something that starts my interest in a location; something that is the catalyst for the trip.  And for this whole trip, it was that I wanted to see The Chain Bridge in Budapest.  It was so wonderful to finally see it.  We sat down on a bench for a few minutes so I could soak it in.

We checked into our hotel, the Marriot Budapest, and said goodbye to each other so we could spend a little time in our perspective rooms settling in and cleaning up.  The hotel was great, and gave great views of the Danube river. 

Finally, we headed out to dinner to a great restaurant called Kacsa Vendeglo.  To get there, we had to walk down a really dark road.  Through the whole trip, we'd had a running joke/argument, that I was always willing to cross a street as long as I could get across it without dying, and Steven would only cross when the light said to cross.  So we hit another small street, where I crossed, and Steven did not.  I kept walking, and Steven ended up about a block behind me; neither of us really minded, because it was a little funny, and also, when you're traveling together for that long, there are worse things than walking alone for a bit.

But then... I began to walk past a small bar, and there were some old, drunk men outside.  One of them staggered up to me, grabbed my arm, and kissed my hand.  I laughed it off, trying not to make too big a deal of it.  but he wouldn't let go; he began to kiss my arm, and kept talking in Hungarian, and his friends were laughing, and his hand on my wrist was like a vice grip.  I began to realize I was in trouble as he kept getting more out of control, and I couldn't get away; why hadn't I stayed with Steven??

Finally, there came Steven, and I could see that as he got closer, and saw what was happening, he just got larger; I can't quite explain it.  His shoulders went back, and he just got taller and more threatening.  I turned to the guy and just kept saying "That's my BROTHER"... "MY BROTHER".... and he finally let go, and scuttled back into the bar.  We continued on together to the restaurant, and finally, I turned to Steven and said "Thanks.".  Steven just nodded, and said, "I would have given him the what-for.  Or MAYBE even a what-five!" 

The restaurant was wonderful.  The food was amazing.   After dinner we walked along the Danube, and looked across at Parliament and The Chain Bridge all lit up, and it was so pretty.  Then we went back to the hotel, and I went to sleep. 


hannajax says:
delightful little story about your brother!
Posted on: Sep 28, 2006
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