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Today in one week it will be the day that I will try to get to Chicago.

One more week of work.
I'll drag myself through it.

When I arrive in Chicago I will be picked up by a friend.
We will hang out a little, eat some pizza and chit chat.
We will see eachother for the first time though, as she's an internet/forum friend!
Perhaps another forum friend can meet us as well, that would be fun.

On Sunday, my mom, dad and I will leave early for a long trip.

From Chicago we will be going to South Bend, Indiana to see the Amish who live around that area.
I'm quite curious to see them.

From there we will drive south to Indianapolis.
My dad would like to go to the museum of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

From there we will head west again to Springfield, Missouri.
In this city route 66 supposedly started.
Read the text I got from Springfieldmo.org

Springfield is recognized as the birthplace of Route 66. On April 30, 1926, officials in Springfield proposed the name of the new Chicago-to-Los Angeles highway. In 1938, Route 66 became the first completely paved transcontinental highway in America. The "Mother Road" stretched from the Great Lakes to the Pacific Coast. Traces of the Mother Road are still visible in Springfield along Kearney Street, Glenstone Avenue, College and St. Louis streets, and on Missouri 266 to Halltown. The red booths and gleaming chrome in mom-and-pop diners, the stone cottages of tourist courts, and the now-silent service stations saw America fall in love with the automobile. Springfield mixes its past with the future as historic Route 66 borders the downtown Jordan Valley Park. The road that once was to be the east/west thoroughfare for travelers in a hurry to get to their destinations now serves sightseers who take a more relaxed pace to savor every detail. Explorers coming through Springfield can choose from two original routes: going through the colorful downtown area, the city's square and the site of several historic events, or bypassing the city on the north side. We encourage our guests to take a moment and enjoy the interesting shops and creative eateries that surround the historic downtown area. Here you will enjoy a variety of delicious cuisines, flea markets, novelty stores, boutiques and night clubs.

From Springfield we will be going more west towards Oklahoma.

In the area of Tulsa I will be meeting up with another internet/forum friend.
It will be fun as this guy is silly/crazy/cool!
Also we will be going to the Woolaroc.
That's an open air museum which exhibits the natural wildlife (American bisons) and the history of native Americans.
Very interesting if you ask me.

From Oklahoma we will be passing Texas in a hurry and we will arrive in New Mexico.
In New Mexico we will be spending a lot of time.
We like to see Las Vegas, it's obviously not the real and famous one, but nevertheless, it will be fun.
Also Santa Fe is on our list. I am curious what it will be like.
If it works out I will be meeting up with Dutch friends who are staying in the area. 
My mom and I are very interested in the native American history, so we will be going to Mesa Verde National Park.
In the rocks you can see houses built by native Americans.

When we've seen all there is to see, we will drive through Arizona to Las Vegas, Nevada as the camper needs to be brought back on a specific day.
We will stay a couple of days in Las Vegas. We will be going to 2 national parks that are located just outside of the city.
Of course we will be going to The Strip as well.
I definately want to go to Fremont Street as that is a fun street!
And a busy one as well hahaha

The last weekend of March I will meet another friend of this same internet forum and I will go with her to California.
She's so sweet to bring me to the airport a couple of days later.

In short, this is what I will be doing during my road trip.

I am hoping in taking lots of pictures.
At least so many as my memory card can handle :-D

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