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The wrcker truck towing a broken down UFO

I am not the worlds largest alien fan I think ET Looks freaky just the thought of aliens makes me shiver.  Whether they are real or not I dont know personally I dont really want to find out.  For the second time on a raod trip my brother has conviced me to go somewhere that has to do with aliens.  The first Roswell NM and now Rachel NV the closet spot you can get to area 51 without being shot depending on where you step.  The black mail box yhea its real only its not black anymore and that probably why we missed it driving in although I dont see how because there is nothing I mean nothing on the way to Rachel NV.  It took us 1/4 of the day to get there but when we got there it didnt seem so bad.  The owners were extremely nice we ordered some alien burgers with fries for lunch after that we took a look around the resturaunt/store.

The highway sign leading to Rachel NV
  Many cool little things lying around there was alot of info on thier nieghbor to the north.  Being I was still on active duty I did not want to go and taunt security especially when the signs read "tresspassers will be shot".  However a picture will do just fine from a distace thank god for zoom lenses.  After taking some pictures outside we decided to be on our way along the road that cuts through the open range yhea cattle just roam free out there and wild horses although we didnt see any horses we did see one cow haning out on the side of the road like it was okay.  So yhea we headed back down the road to get to the highway ad by nightfall we were in Arizona we pulled off the road and tried to get some sleep but it was like -6  needles to say we didnt get  much sleep.

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The wrcker truck towing a broken d…
The wrcker truck towing a broken …
The highway sign leading to Rachel…
The highway sign leading to Rache…
The Little ALe Inn
The Little A'Le' Inn
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photo by: jamartin39