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Palm Island currently being built

"You`re going to the Middle East?? was the common refrain when I announced my decision to go teach in UAE. Friends and family all expressed surprise over my choice of destination. Come to think of it, the choice of Dubai surprised even me as I have never had a burning desire to see the Middle East. If I had been asked last year where in the world I would least like to go and live in the world I would have said the middle east...What a difference a few months can make

 Dubai as a city of superlatives that cravenly seeks the limelight by attempting as many world records as possible. Dubai has the world`s tallest and only self-proclaimed  "Seven Star" Hotel in the Burj Al-Arab.Dubai will soon be home to the world`s tallest building, the Burj Dubai, whose final height is a closely guarded secret, but will likely top 160 floors. Less distinguished Guinness Records earned by Dubai include the world`s biggest sundial, the world`s richest horserace, the world`s largest incense burner. Soon, Dubai will have the world`s largest shopping mall/indoor skiing slope. All this alone is enough to justify a visit.

While researching I also came across the city of Abu Dhabi ( the capital of the UAE) . Opinions vary on which is better. Dubai is big, brass and bold while Abu Dhabi is considered the quieter and slighlty more conservative neighbour. After reading various peopls opinions it became clear that the general consensus was that Abu Dhabi has verything Dubai has on a smaller scale and without the problem of traffic congestion and feeling like ur living on a construction site.

So after considering all sides of the argument I decided Abu Dhabi was the place for me..Near enough to Dubai (40 mins) to be able to go to all the concerts and events that go on there but far enough to avoid some of the other pitfalls.....

So feeling a small bit apprehensive, excited and not knowing what to expect offf I set....

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Palm Island currently being built
Palm Island currently being built
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photo by: vances