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Utila air

A little taxi van picked me up at 5.30 in the morning to drive to the airport of Utila. As I had stayed much longer on the island than I had originally intended to, I had decided not to take the 8.5 hour bus to the capital, but to fly instead.

So after changing flights in La Ceiba and San Pedro Sula I arrived in the unpronounceable capital of Honduras: Tegucigalpa.

I bumped into Ken at the airport (he was flying with a different company) and again at the airport of La Ceiba. He was going to take a bus to San Pedro Sula, but when he saw that my ticket was never checked when I boarded my plane to San Pedro Sula he quickly followed me aboard. “if they come to check tickets anyway I'll just play the dumb tourist” he said. No-one ever came to check the tickets, and so he had bagged himself a free flight to San Pedro. They say bold people have half the world!

While in the air I picked up my guidebook for the first time in a long while, to read up on the history of Honduras. It's funny, I'd been in the country for more than a week, but hadn't had any time to read about the history or the sights of the country.

Also my prolonged stay on Utila meant I had to rethink the rest of my itinerary, as I only had 5 days left until my mate Arnaud arrived in San José, Costa Rica, some 1000 kilometres down the road.

Tegucigalpa itself wasn't overly interesting. Looking back through my notes I see that I didn't even write down what I did that day, nor did I take any pictures.

I needed to get some dollars in order to be able to exchange some money into córdobas, the local currency in Nicaragua, at the border tomorrow. The last time I'd been able to buy dollars was in El Salvador, and because of my prolonged stay on Utila, where there was no ATM, my entire stash had depleted. Unfortunately I was not able to find a bank where I could withdraw US dollars with my credit card, and withdrawing lempira to exchange into dollars and then into córdobas tomorrow didn't make any sense at all! So I figured I'd better search for a bank at the various bus stations I'd pass tomorrow, or take my chances and hope for an ATM at the border.

pms70 says:
I wonder if you can still get away with boarding a plane without a ticket 6 years later?
Posted on: May 30, 2009
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Utila air
Utila air
photo by: Biedjee