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sea turtle (not my photo unfortunately, but this was pretty much the way we saw it too)

My last day on Utila. Today we did our two bonus dives. No course, no test, just diving. Despite these dives being outside the course Tim joined us today. He didn't have any students today, and he was looking forward to a fun dive again.

We were joined on the boat by two others, of which one was a dive-master in training. He had to do some exercises first, so the three of us started our dive, and would catch up with the others underwater.

We had only been gone for a few minutes when all of a sudden we saw a huge sea turtle in front of us. It was a wonderful sight to see how the animal just 'glides' through the water. It swam a little circle around us, then decided we weren't interesting, and then it continued to the surface for air.

this photo is mine though
We stayed where we were and waited for it to come back down again, after which we followed it for a while until it dove too deep for us to follow.

In the meantime, less than 30 metres from us, at the other side of a large rock, our two fellow divers were staring in wonder at about 20 dolphins happily frolicking and playing around them. There were two more diving boats in the area, with in total more than 25 people above and under water, and *everybody* had seen the dolphins except for us three. On the other hand, we were the only ones who had seen a turtle, which apparently is a lot more rare than a dolphin. But still... I'd already seen a turtle this trip, but no dolphins yet!

Nonetheless this was probably the best dive I'd done all week. The place where we did the dive was fantastic (a deep, massive wall of coral) full of fish, plants and little critters.

last night on Utila, with Ken and Lu-lu

The second dive was somewhat quieter, but still very impressive. So far we'd only been to the south side of the island, but today's dives were done at the north end of the island, where the sea was rougher, but the life underwater much more diverse. For some reason Tim decided it would be fun to swim all the way to the rocky coastline (which was fun indeed) but then he got lost and we surfaced at the wrong boat, almost two kilometres from our own boat!

Fortunately the skipper was kind enough to pick us up, so we didn't have to swim all the way back.

This dive had been a nice introduction for another dive specialisation: drift-diving, or rather, diving with strong currents.

In the evening Ken and I went back to the BICD to say goodbye to everybody there. We had planned to go to Cross Creek with some people from Utila Watersports, but in the end we stayed at the BICD the whole night.

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sea turtle (not my photo unfortuna…
sea turtle (not my photo unfortun…
this photo is mine though
this photo is mine though
last night on Utila, with Ken and …
last night on Utila, with Ken and…
photo by: Yoshu