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The streets of Antigua with Cerro de la Cruz in the background

Before Robbel would have to leave for the airport we did a quick tour to the Cerro de la Cruz, a hill at the fringe of Antigua, from which you have a great view over the city and the three surrounding volcanoes.
This too is popular territory for bandidos, so twice daily there is a (free) tour taking off from the local tourist office, complete with guide, two guards for the group and two guards on the hill itself, all of them equipped with shotgun, walkie-talkie, baton, the whole kit & caboodle. Obviously there was not a bandido in sight on the entire hill, but the guide assured me it could still happen that you are robbed if you attempt to climb the hill outside of tour hours.

In the afternoon a special tourist minibus picked us up from the hotel to drive us to the airport.

last pic of me and Robbel before she went back home
In that minibus we had a great example of the phenomenon "It’s a small world!”
The fact that Robbel and I are Dutch isn’t particularly special in itself, so meeting two other Dutch in the bus, catching the same flight to Amsterdam as Robbel wasn’t a big surprise. The fact that we are travelling as brother and sister is somewhat rarer, and these other Dutch were also a brother and sister. And here too the sister was about to travel home, leaving the brother behind to continue to travel alone. But what was a much bigger coincidence, I knew this guy! As we were talking to them I realised that I had seen this guy before, so I asked him his name. Turns out he is an old school friend of our cousin, and an old colleague of another cousin of ours. And, something that he didn’t know until I told him, we even share an ex-girlfriend!
So what are the odds of meeting someone you vaguely know in a six-seater minibus in Guatemala, while bringing your sister to the airport, only to find that he is doing the exact same thing!

Robbel and the other girl (forgot her name) both checked in and after a cup of coffee Wouter and I had to travel back to Antigua with the same van. Wouter and I had a bite to eat in the city, sharing some travel experiences and I revealed to him that I had had a four-year relationship with his ex-girlfriend. After a pleasant night out we each went our separate ways again.

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The streets of Antigua with Cerro …
The streets of Antigua with Cerro…
last pic of me and Robbel before s…
last pic of me and Robbel before …
The cross that gives the name to C…
The cross that gives the name to …
view over Antigua
view over Antigua
view over Antigua
view over Antigua
photo by: monky